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remodeling the lands?

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  • remodeling the lands?

    So this has started to giving me some thinking since they r now remodeling the castle. If they can able to do it for the castle, can they possibly remodel the lands? i convinced i didn't like the model of adventureland. If only maybe like move the land to the northwest side and mix with mystic manors and build new attraction that can blend well with grizzly gulch. That is just a idea

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    I don't see why that is not possible, but I don't see the urgency to remodel it since it is not something a lot of people is really concerned about.
    Personally I don't like Toy Story Land next to Mystic Manor. I think it would have made more sense if something else was in between it or they just left the space open and build Toy Story land a bit further.

    The remodeling of the castle was almost a necessity because it was the smallest castle and because it was a plain copy of the original one in the US.


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      They’re actually doing this already in HKDL. Tomorrowland will now be more like Marvel land just with space mountain. Even Buzz said goodbye for ant man