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  • Visiting multiple parks?

    My son and daughter-in-law are contemplating teaching in Taiwan for a year. Coincidentally enough, I am reading a book I got for Christmas, The Haunted Mansion: Imagineering a Disney Classic that talks about all the Disney Parks worldwide and it had already gotten me thinking it would be fun to visit the parks in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai. My wife and I would go visit at least once if they were in Taiwan, and I’m wondering if anyone has been to those three parks? It would probably be our only opportunity to check out those three parks, but I worry that I should maybe devote more time to visiting other landmarks/sites rather than going to three amusement parks? This is all very hypothetical, and if we did go, I don’t know what kind of budget we would have or how long we would have to explore—definitely no more than two weeks total, including our time in Taiwan. Anyway, any thoughts?

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    Theme park worldwide (a youtube channel) tried this. They’re from England I believe they spent about 2 weeks in total for all 3 parks. Im a Filipino and my family and I tried going for a day in HKDL then spending more than a week in Japan with 3 days in Tokyo Disneyland. If I were you, prioritize Tokyo then Shanghai then HK. I dont recommend going to HKDL right now since the castle will be demolished and a lot of rides are just starting construction or refurbishments (Buzz/antman).

    If you really wanna do all 3 countries I would start with HKDL since its the smallest between the 3 and the most chill, then go to either Japan or Shanghai.


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      Thanks for responding and for your recommendations!


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        Definitely focus your money and time in Tokyo Disney Resort, you won't be disappointed. But do make a point of avoiding holidays and weekends as it does get very crowded. Do stay at the resort.

        HKDL you can do in one day or two at a leisure pace. SHDL I have no idea because I have not been there yet.
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          SHDL is definitely a two day park. It's big in terms of area and the queues are long. So you don't get to cover much in a day.
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