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  • Back from HKDL

    Wow, been a while since I went there and things sure changed.

    You can now get through the turnstile using a QR code either by purchasing online on HKDisney site or other online places like Klook and Ctrip. HKDL has free wi-fi access for guests. Make use of it for your tablet or mobile. If you have a mobile phone make sure you download the HKDL app for IOS or Android. It gives you all the info on HKDL like the time schedules for the shows and parades and when the park opens on that day and also wait times for the attractions.

    First off I wanna mention opening time, this really surprised me. There been critics saying HKDL is one of the latest parks to open. Not true. The park says it opens 10am April 1st on the app guess what they opened 9:30am. But there is a hitch, they let you in the gates for you to shop at main street but you are stuck half way in main street til 10am when cast members allow you to go through the rest of the park. Another thing getting to Fantasyland, since the Snow White castle getting a renovated, Fantasyland is isolated from the hub. To get to Fantasyland, you either take the train from Main Street or traverse along Tomorrowland or Adventureland from the hub.

    I am gonna talk about the good and the bad about the park

    First the good stuff:

    Iron Man, can someone tell me if its Star Tours 2.0? When I went on it the motion simulator ride sure felt like Star Tours 1.0. I guess if Disney needs to retrofit it they can put in Star Tours 2.0 later on.

    Hyper Space Mountain - not bad for the Star Wars overlay of Space Mountain. Definitely dig the laser effects that shoot from the sides.

    Mickey Wonderous Book - gotta say another musical since the Golden MIckey (which is more broadway like). This one introduces Olaf which he should get his attraction soon in Fantasyland.

    Fairy Tale Forest - looks like a Disney version of a miniature land. Interesting for 15 minutes to look at and some time killing. Allot of the miniatures must be wound up to view it.

    Mystic Manor - interesting attraction heard its Tokyo Pooh ride system on a Haunted Mansion setting. Love the projectors and the lighting effects. Must be worth riding and seeing. I rode on it twice, I swear it did not feel like the same ride.

    HKDL parades - seems there is 2 day parades (Flight into Fantasy, Mickey Carnaval which is a mini character parade) 1 night parade (Paint the Night Parade). Seems HKDL has got the most with parades compared to the rest of the parks.

    And now for the bad stuff about HKDL. Seems Disney is keeping a good job keeping its attractions open that its food choices are limited. River View Cafe and Tahiti Terrace in Adventure land got shutdown. Comet Cafe in Tomorrowland is also shutdown too. Choplins Festival of Food in Fantasyland is open just lunch by afternoon its shutdown. I did not remember so many eating places close in HK Disney. I guess times change. The other complaint is when you have to stay in Main Street til 10am for Cast Members to open the rest of the park. One more thing, there are no fireworks in HKDL anymore due to castle construction and Fantasyland Frozen expansion.

    Comment on this if you agree or disagree with me.

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    You mean Stark Tours? All in all it's not a bad park, there's just too few rides and they are spread out oddly. I had a day to do the park and the only things we didn't get to do was the island and Jungle Cruise because it was pouring rain....


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