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ChongMing Island, the potential site for Disney Theme Park at Greater Shanghai


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  • ChongMing Island, the potential site for Disney Theme Park at Greater Shanghai


    據報道,上海迪士尼項目上月獲中國政府通過,進入初期規劃階段,地點從原先傳出的川沙鎮改成崇 明島。
    據《中國經營報》報道,上海崇明縣宣傳部負責人表示,該縣一直為此與上海市規劃等部門商談,爭取早日落戶崇 明。
    Source: Mingpao News

    According to Mingpao News and citing reference to various Mainland China News, the future site for Disney Theme Park in Mainland China would be Chong Ming Island at Greater Shanghai.

    it is estimated that the Disney Theme Park will cost 40 billion (RMB).

    Photo Credit : Flickr

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    Re: ChongMing Island, the potential site for Disney Theme Park at Greater Shanghai

    Shanghai to resume building Disneyland theme park after 2010 - report
    December 02, 2007: 11:35 PM EST

    Dec. 2, 2007 (Thomson Financial delivered by Newstex) -- BEIJING (XFN-ASIA) - Shanghai will resume building its Disneyland (NYSE-DCQ) (NYSE-DIS) theme park after 2010, the China Business Journal reported citing sources.

    A source was quoted as saying that total investment in the projected theme park will also increase to 40 bln yuan from the previous 30 bln yuan.

    The park is expected to be located on Chongming island instead of the original plan to build it in Shanghai's Chuansha district, the source said.

    The Disneyland them park project was suspended due in part to fallout from the Shanghai pension fund scandal last year.

    However CNN said that the Mainland China theme park will only be built after the year 2010 so it is not going to be built now.
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