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Transportation and differences between DLHK and DLCA

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  • Transportation and differences between DLHK and DLCA

    I'll Be In Hong Kong in a few months and I'd LOVE to visit HKDL.
    I've searched this site, ( as well as google.. ) And I haven't been able to find clear directions on how to get from the airport to DLHK.

    For anyone who has been there, is it fairly easy? Is it possible to book tickets on line?

    I'm hoping to Stay at one of the Disney Hotels and, If I do... I'll do my best do post a review! : )

    Also, I've been looking a lot at the layout and the attraction list and HKDL seems a lot like Disneyland in CA. I know everyone complains about the size of HKDL but other than that- how does it compare with DLCA?

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    Re: Transportation and differences between DLHK and DLCA

    Well...There are a host of taxis at the airport and it shouldn't cost more than $100 HKD and with the MTR...You'll have to take the Airport express to Tsing Yi and interchange to the Tung Chung Line which will then take you to Sunny Bay in which you'll have to change trains to the Disneyland Resort Line. Hope this helps:

    To your second question, i think HKDL with all its expansion pads is equal to or bigger than DL but right now it just lacks attractions. Adventureland in HK may be the biggest of all but it isnt the most "adventurous" given that theres only 1 attraction and a show. DL has nearly all of the signature attractions/good attractions that the other Disneylands do which makes it the best Disneyland.