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Visiting in November


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  • [Question] Visiting in November

    I plan on visiting HKDL during the week of Thanksgiving of this year for about 3-5 days.

    However, this will be my first time traveling to Hong Kong and I feel it's way different than going to England. Is there anything, besides the obvious Passport and tell the US Embassy our destination, we should be concerned about? I have checked and read the US Travel site on Hong Kong and didn't see anything too extreme, since I don't plan on working or living there.

    We're planning on stay at the HKD Hotel and flying into HK Airport.

    Any recommendations, cautions or advice?

    p.s. Is it normal for US citizens to visit HK and go to HKDL then go back to the US? That's is all we want to do

    Thank you!

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      Re: Visiting in November

      Originally posted by CPTNMatt View Post
      However, this will be my first time traveling to Hong Kong and I feel it's way different than going to England. Is there anything, besides the obvious Passport and tell the US Embassy our destination, we should be concerned about?
      Why would you need to tell the US Embassy what your destination is? Besides, it's not like going to a war-torn country. In fact.. Going to hong Kong is no different than going to England.. simply because HK was under the ruling of the british for decades and everything they do there they do it the same way as in England.. the way they drive, the use of brit specific english language etc, so I garranty you, your fears as unfounded and unneeded. PLus, HK is filled with tourists from all over, especially you will see a lot of people from the western hemisphere.. and most everyone speak english, and so is all the signage around.

      With that said... I have to agree with Timmy above.. You go to Hong Kong to see Hong Kong first and foremost, and not just to go to see HKDL. The HKDL park is still very small and you will not need more than a day to explore it all. That is not to say it's not worth it. IT IS a nice DL park.. but very small and does not need to have time there past two days. the Hotels there are nice and I am sure you will enjoy yourself.. But after a day and a half there, you won't find much else to do.

      The city offers a lot of attractions and sightseeing as well and doing all of that is what will make your time in Hong Kong well spent. Grab a train tourist guide map, which tells you of places to see and how to get there on the subways, and you will be all set. Places like The Peak, Kowloon shopping district, NgongPing gondolas, Repulse bay and Stanley, ocean Park, and enjoying the city skyline from the Avenue of the Stars or the Star Ferry on Victoria bay, will add immense pleasure to your trip there, in addition to HKDL. Or even sail to nearby Macau and enjoy the "Vegas of the east".

      Like Timmy said, if you have time to stop by Tokyo Disney Resort in Tokyo, that would even be a sweet deal since TDR is the very best Disney resort in the World in many levels. But HK city is also spectacular to visit, with the added bonus of HKDL on the side.

      The only precaution I would take is to be alert and maintain awareness of your surroundings and personal belongings, avoiding places that do not look or feel safe to you, but this is advise to follow everywhere, not just Hong Kong.

      So have an enjoyable time. You will be visiting HK and HKDL at the beginning of Christmas time and that is always a special time to visit since both the HKDL park and the city will be decorated for the holidays and new year... and it's always spectacular time to see it all in Hong Kong.


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        Re: Visiting in November

        The best way to get around HK is through the MTR. It's quite cheap, and easy to navigate. Just make sure you buy an Octopus card (Hong Kong Octopus Card), which allows you to load it up or top it up with credit, so you can pay for the train, bus, and even the Peak Tram, and McDonalds!

        It's definitely a waste to just go to HK to HKDL. You should definitely make the trip down to Kowloon for some great shopping, and to Hong Kong Island for the Peak (if you don't want to pay for the entrance for topmost part, the view is still great from the Burger King there).

        Food is a great reason to be there. Don't waste your money on food at Disney. Go down to the streets, and find a place where many people eat and chances are that place is good. There's usually an English speaking person to take your order, if not, pointing will suffice.


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