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Lardos Steakhouse Review

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  • [Review] Lardos Steakhouse Review

    Hong Kong has 9,000 restaurants and many are just delightful. I have had good food in the park, and the best Chinese food in private kitchens (these are really restaurants, but you must have a subscription), and clubs like The Jockey Club or The China Club have excellent fare. I'll you explore and find your favorite, but sometimes you need a break from the hustle and relax with a nice steak. Hong Kong has it. It is considered a "remote area" by the locals, but all of Hong Kong is not that large. It is in TKO near the Hang Hou (the mouth) MTR station. Use exit B and take mini bus 11 to Hang Hou Village or catch a taxi. Lardos is in 4B opposite the car park.

    Here you will find an attentive staff in a rather small, plain looking place, but you are in for a treat. The finest meat from all over the world finds it way to Lardos where it is expertly grilled to your liking. The plates are very artistic in their presentation, and the sides are just as nice as the steaks and chops. There are specials daily, and the prices are reasonable. Perhaps HK$500 will be plenty. Save room for desert because they are worthy of a five star resort in the expensive dining room, but at low low prices. If you would like a glass of wine, there are excellent choices, but do ask for a suggestion to pair nicely with your food.

    I have eaten there maybe 50 times and have always had a perfectly prepared and served meal. Reservations are a must, and you should book days in advance. TVB is nearby, and it is not unusual to see Cantonese soap opera stars in costume having lunch. English is spoken, and the menu is in English and Chinese. Give Henry or his staff a call at 2719 8168 to save a table.