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Just returned from HKDL and SHDL


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  • Just returned from HKDL and SHDL

    First visit. Spent 2 days at HKDL and 2 days at SHDL. Happy to help if anyone has any questions about planning a trip to either park.

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    Thanks, Disneeboy, but I write on behalf of most Micechaters in asking that you please share details.
    What were your impressions of the two parks?


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      Two completely different experience honestly.

      Hong Kong - is cute/quaint/small and very manageable. Love the mountains in the background and my only major letdown was the castle was under construction which prevented some photos there and they discontinued the fireworks at night until the construction is complete. Food is mostly Asian cuisine, obviously, and I would have liked to have seen more international variety. Stayed at the Hong Hong Disneyland Hotel and it was nice. Like a mini Grand Floridian with nice rooms (just not as nice as WDW). We received like 14 passes for our stay on club level and I think we used maybe 3 of them because lines were so short (many walk on) except for ant man and the wasp because it was newest. Mystic Manor was my favorite attraction overall. Just Stellar. Many cast members spoke very good english (I think because Hong Kong was under British rule until like the 90's I believe) so it was easy to communicate. Some little things lost in translation but mostly easy.

      Shanghai - Grand in every sense of the word. The park just feels enormous and pictures dont do it justice. Tron and Pirates were what I was looking forward to most. Pirates is stunning. Tron is fun but didn't blow me away as much as I had hoped for. I still rode it 5 times, and glad MK is getting one, but pirates was my favorite and their version of peter pan needs to be brought to the states. It's almost perfect. Voyage of the crystal grotto was was the only thing down during my visit that I didnt' get to experience. Rode everything otherwise and was pleased overall with the offering. The que for soarin is really nice but the film is already showing degradation (was blurry in parts too). Stayed at the Shanghai Disneyland resort and it was really beautiful too (especially the gardens out back). Club level there was 100% better than Hong Kong. Communication here was very difficult. We had to use translations apps for everything (checking in, within the parks, shopping, etc). Difficult but all the cast members spoke the universal language of Disney (ie very sweet and willing to help us foreigners who didn't speak their language at all either).

      Most of the above sort of aligns with reviews I read prior to visiting. No big shockers. Planning was more difficult for Shanghai so happy to help if anyone sends a PM.


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