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  • Ocean Park

    I have just purchased an online ticket to visit Hong Kong Ocean Park on May the 19th. I would just like to know what are the must see attractions this park has that I must see. Also what sort of Restuarants does the park have that caters to Western taste, as Mr Squid serving tasty fried squid doesn't really appeal to me that much. Also how many hours does it take to see the park in. Any other advice is greatly apreciated too.
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    Re: Ocean Park

    The only GOOD restaurant there is Mcdonalds..all the others are chinese....western food is limited in ocean park, i had an ocean park annual pass for a yaer and ever since i bought a disney annual pass, i stopped going ther due to lack of western culture, ive lived in orland for 9 years, heck, i was born there, but then our family was transferrred to HK...

    Oh yeah...the attractions...the coasters in Ocean park are bland (im not comparing Ocean Park with HKDL) they hve no theme, the only good attractions are the aquariums and dolphin shows, i suggest you spend only 3-5 hours in that place. And don't expect any good UNIQUE souvenirs there, most of them can be bought from local stores...ANyways, good luck!


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      Re: Ocean Park

      Ocean Park... Bleh.
      I could write a whole rant about it., but I don't have any time as of the moment.
      I've counted, and they've got as many rides as HKDL.
      The only thing I can remember which is worth seeing is their aquarium, pandas and maybe a coaster or two, but NONE of their attractions have any theme (or a blatantly obvious ripped out one, or a cheap overlay, like the Mine Train). Their only decent food is ironically McDonalds.
      Don't expect much, and be prepared for crowds. However, it's good to go there to see what competition Disney is against.
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        Re: Ocean Park

        I agree Blah!

        We spent most of a day there Lack of rides and too many people (terrible for Disney!, but passable for OP)

        We rode in 8 hours

        The Mine Train Coaster
        Dragon Coaster
        Log Ride

        Yeah the fun 1hr and 10 mins we waited for the mine train we knew we were in for trouble!!! running 1 train smart idea!!

        Crappy theming too cool animals, but the rides are falling apart i enjoyed a bad back for 2 days after Dragon!

        the Skyway is awesome though and i love pandas! but i won't be returning next time in Hong Kong, rather spend another day at Disneyland or better still in Hong Kong, its one of the greatest Cities in the world!!! ahhh i miss it!!!


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          Re: Ocean Park

          exactly, they're theming SUCKS! The coasters there are so empty, and so short, the rides there are horrid! the raging river ride is a dumb useless copy of Splash Mountain...It feels like just some little Hong Kong park with some entertainment