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  • Jubilation?

    Hey guys I don't know a lot about concept art so maybe it is just there to fill space but in the second picture if you click and enlarge it the parade is Jubilation. The timing would be about right for a new parade for TDL as well... What do you think?

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    Re: Jubilation?

    I think they just needed a grand looking daytime parade for concept art and Jubi is the grandest of them all. I'm doubtful Disney would put such a massive-scale parade into the park as it's first parade.


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      Re: Jubilation?

      ^maybe not. It wouldn't be out of the question considering Jody Daily and Kevin Kidney are working with Steven Davison right now as art directors on a new parade for Tokyo Disneyland. They stated this in a recent interview. And considering Steven has projects lined up through 2015, by that time, a new parade for TDL and obviously Shanghai's first would probably be a part of that list.

      Of course, it could just be they needed something for the concept art to convey the idea (most likely).
      My guess is that with a project as massive as Shanghai, Steven and team have probably been given the go ahead to do something totally new. It depends on perhaps what the size and scale of everything in that park is going to be, and what kind of parade production is going to work there in terms of size and scale. Considering Shanghai looks to be a park on a very large scale, the size and scale of it's live entertainment matching up is an important thing. And the population in China and how many that park is going to need to serve, anything small scale...including parades...probably isn't going to work.
      After the PR/image disaster with the 'Mc-lite'/recycled approach to the HKDL resort, the massive future market in China, and so much more... it's clear the Shanghai resort is going to have to be executed perfectly. Probably not the time to recycle a parade...even if that parade is certainly one of Disney's best.
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