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China's richest man declares war on Shanghai Disney

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  • China's richest man declares war on Shanghai Disney

    Chinese conglomerate Wanda has opened its first theme park, with its billionaire boss declaring war on Disney just weeks before the American entertainment giant launches a similar attraction in Shanghai.
    Chinese conglomerate Wanda opens its first theme park as its billionaire boss declares war on Disney, just weeks before the entertainment giant launches a similar attraction in Shanghai.

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    Good news: They will never reach Disney's quality and detail.

    Bad news: Chinese are not refined enough to appreciate Disney's quality and detail.... nor prices. The man says that part of his offer will be lower prices.


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      Just read that for the opening of his park and mall they had Disney characters meeting guests. I hope Disney fights them for unlawful use of intellectual property.

      this is the same man that warn Chinese people of the westernizing of China and that it needs to stop but has no problem owning several properties here along with one of the largest movie chains AMC.


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        Chinese and Western ideas about intellectual property are quite different. Put very simplistically, our beliefs differ on the ability of a person/company to own an idea.That is why so much counterfeit merchandise is produced in China.


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          Oh the irony.

          Man (rightfully) puts Disney on blast for being creatively bankrupt and milking their brand and intellectual properties dry

          ...and then proceeds to do the same thing.
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