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Nice video showcasing Disney and its surrounding area

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  • Nice video showcasing Disney and its surrounding area

    Found this video in YouTube, it talks about the Chinese people and the resort including the changes happening to areas around it.

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    I wonder if their opinion will change after the park open and the resort open fully?


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      Well so far the resort has been going thru trail runs and it seems that people are enjoying the newly developed area.

      remember this land was basically farms or property that was abandoned. All this development is improving the area and it seems like they are glad for the compensation.

      i remember reading that before things were final and land decisions were still being made many farmers and residents were actually lobbying for it to happen.
      aeems like they have been waiting for many years.

      i don't think traffic will be as bad as the domestic resort. All of the foreign resort have been smart to add trains to them