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New Shanghai Disneyland-themed metro cars

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  • New Shanghai Disneyland-themed metro cars

    With Shanghai Disneyland's grand opening only a day away, Shanghai Metro has posted some pictures on its official Weibo account showing off its brand-new Disney-themed subway cars. The response has been overwhelming.

    Overwhelmingly negative that is. Netizens quickly criticized the tacky look of the trains that appear to have been decorated with as little effort as possible, especially when compared to Hong Kong's fantastical Disneyland Resort Line. It seems like the ride to "The Happiest Place on Earth" won't be so happy after all.

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    The comments section is....interesting. And I thought the MiceAge comments could get heated.


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      I agree with the Chinese netizens, the cars a look a little tacky. Hopefully, they can be reprinted during winter/early spring when less guests will be around (it can get pretty cold). They need to be cooler, for lack of a better word.
      No sweat, no sweet.- British Proverb


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        They're not very whimsical when you compare them to the trains for TDL and HKDL. Maybe they're waiting to see how much abuse these trains will take before they install trains with more Disney them


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          No you're right, they are not very 'whimsical' when compared to HKDL which I really love riding into the park. TDL is actually just a basic train going to the park though, nothing about them stand out although if you mean the monorail itself around the resort, yes, those are really cool and feels like real transportation. That's a bit unfair to compare because the monorail is actually part of the resort and not the transportation to get you there like Shanghai and Hong Kong. But the train going to USJ in Osaka is pretty cool, modern and have theming on them to get to that park.

          But honestly at least they have a train. I know America is just a different animal but we now have 6 theme park resorts around the world and every single one of them built with having mass transit in mind to get people to the park by trains except the two in America. There is no excuse why DLR never got a train that goes from L.A. to O.C., especially with the metro lines built other than the politics of it. Orlando should at least have a train system from downtown and the airport going to the parks. Its amazing all these other cities in the world feels like advanced metropolis while in America tourists are stuffed in shuttles or have to rent cars to get around these places. Ok rant over lol.
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