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What IP's are popular in China?

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  • What IP's are popular in China?

    Let's tray to make a sort of list:
    -It is said that the Disney Classics are not known in China so I do not expect to see dark rides based classic animated films but maybe the new live action movies based on the classics are more popular so that would be the reason of the Tim Burton's Alice Maze instead of the classic cartoon Alice Maze. Maybe Fantasyland will have rides based on the live action movies of Beauty & The Beast, Malefic or Peter and His Dragon?
    -Marvel should be popular in China due the success of the MARVEL Studios. I read that movies like Ant-Man were big hits in China. Would be the exhibition of Marvel in SDL a clue that they have plans for a Marvel Land in Shanghai?
    -Same for Star Wars. In fact Marvel Land should be the first new ride/land to be opened at SDL
    -What about Pixar Movies? Toy Story has to be popular in China (It has an hotel and coming soon a mini land). What about the other Pixar Movies?

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    I think most Disney movies from the last decade and up are reasonable, as well as any life action interpretations this decade. I would love a Jungle Book ride (yes, I am biased as it is my favorite Disney movie). China was faced war and economic problems during the 1920s and 1930s, closed from the West from the 50s until the late 70s, and only really prosperous since the 90s.

    It would be cool if they made some animated shorts based Chinese stories, as parents and grandparents might be unfamiliar with Western fairy tales.
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