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Chinese media call out uncivilized behavior at Shanghai Disneyland

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  • Chinese media call out uncivilized behavior at Shanghai Disneyland

    Yeah. You knew this was coming. The last photo is.....interesting. 🙀

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    Hopefully this behavior will improve.

    Disney should increase the number and/or the energy of the park's sweepers so this stuff gets picked up ASAP.

    At Walt Disney World in the 1970s people were amazed at how quickly garbage and horse poop were cleaned up, and guests joined in, doing their part to keep the beautiful Magic Kingdom clean by not littering very often.

    I lived in Pasadena, and (apart from the human poop near Shanghai's bushes) Colorado Blvd after the Rose Parade is five times worse than those photos of litter at Shanghai Disneyland. In contrast, the world's largest air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, has hundreds of thousands of guests and you won't find ANY litter. People are sheep who do what others do or don't do, but they can become better sheep.
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      At the same time, Colorado Blvd doesn't have trash cans every 30 ft like Disney does.


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        Not really comparable because the Rose Parade is really an all night party.