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Crowd Culture at Shanghai Disneyland

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  • Crowd Culture at Shanghai Disneyland

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    OH BOY!!

    I see Disney cracking down on a few things here.
    Dear Peoplemover Fans, If you want to see a new attraction that at least mimics the 1967 Peoplemover in a future Tomorrowland remodel, you need to write to the powers-that-be, and let them know. If you don't - Then the next time Tomorrowland is remodeled, you will see a land barren of any "Peoplemover" type attraction.


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      Happy to report that I saw none of the shown behaviour during my time at SHL last week. There are now benches in the castle walkways and lots of extra Disney Security strolling the park. The place was spotless.
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        Were you able to get any intel as to why Roaring Rapids is closed indefinitely?
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          Originally posted by Fukai View Post
          Were you able to get any intel as to why Roaring Rapids is closed indefinitely?
          From what I've heard, they seem to have recurring technical difficulties regarding the large dinosaur in the attraction, as it keeps malfunctioning. It still strikes me odd why it takes so long to fix these things but I can speak from experience when I say that it probably isn't receiving the most proper maintenance.


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            I've been waiting to hear if Qar'aq is fixed now that the ride is back up and running.

            It is almost impossible to find any news about this park.
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