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1 day or 2 at SHDL this Spring?

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  • 1 day or 2 at SHDL this Spring?

    I have 2 layovers on my way to and from Tokyo this Spring. I have a 5am-5:30pm one on the way over and a overnight 8pm -7pm in the way back. Basically I have come up with 2 options, 1 go to SHDL both days or go to Shanghai city on the way over and then SHDL on the overnight stop on the way back. My wife and I are both Disney fans so 2 days may not be a bad thing but if 1 short day will do then I am leaning on going into the city 1 day. I would appreciate anyones real world exprierence. The days of the layovers are a Friday going over and a Wednesday coming back in Mid April.

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      Well I'm here in China now, and as it is, Wifi can be very spotty. I typed this earlier, but apparently lost it while editing. We went to SHDL a few days before Christmas planning to spend two days there. My goal was to see every attraction and show while we were there. We did with the exception of those closed for refurb, mainly Tarzan show and Roarin' Rapids. I'll do a full trip report / review on MiceChat when I get back to CA and solid Wifi. We were here a great week ... A few days before Christmas crowds were very light, especially early. It is not yet winter break for the Chinese. Also, a midweek visit I'm told was better than the weekend crowds. Being a Disneyland/WDW vet, I had planned ahead. I knew to arrive early, and had basically already memorized the park map. Having two days made things so much easier. Even though I ended up never waiting longer than 25 min for anything (Peter Pan being the longest wait for us). It was nice being able to split shows and attractions over two days and go back and see the SHDL exclusives more than once. I think one day for any brand new park is not enough time. 10 years ago I went to Hong Kong Disneyland two months after it opened. We planned two days there as well. I don't think you'll be disappointed allowing two days, and if it ends up being crowded, you will need the two days.


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        I'd like to hear about your trip! Also, I was wondering if you had any ill experiences that you experienced because lots of people are talking about it and I myself saw my fair share of interesting things. I'm glad that you seemed to enjoy the park though