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Shanghai Disneyland Park Is Off to a Much Needed Sizzling Start


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  • Shanghai Disneyland Park Is Off to a Much Needed Sizzling Start

    The Chinese box office has bailed out plenty of Hollywood movies that struggled domestically, like “Warcraft” and “Pacific Rim” — and a different sort of Chinese box office helped Disney make up for big drops at its media networks and film studio when the Mouse House reported first-quarter earnings.

    After markets closed Tuesday, Disney reported year-over-year declines in its studio entertainment, media networks and consumer products divisions. But the one branch that saved the day was parks and resorts — particularly Shanghai Disneyland Park.
    With six percent increase in revenue, Shanghai Disneyland Park makes up for big drops when the Mouse House reported first-quarter earnings on Tuesday

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    Wow so SDL is officially a hit!!! Seven million people has already visited and the park is about 8 months old. Thats GREAT news and way ahead of HKDL its first year when I think it got a total of 4 million visitors the first year. I think this is proof when you build a Disney park (right) they will come. And it doesn't hurt to put it in one of the bigger cities in the country.

    Anyway I'm happy to hear that. All the doom and gloom on these boards how Shanghai was going to cut into domestic parks spending and it may end up helping them after all. Iger is going to go down as one of Disney's better CEOs with all his success the past few years.


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