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Belated notes from my December 2016 Trip


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  • Belated notes from my December 2016 Trip

    I've had these notes that I meant to share here awhile back, but never got around to it. Maybe too old, but FYI. We visited SDL December 21-25 with my nephew and elderly parents so touring was limited on some days. We stayed at the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel in a concierge room.

    - The cast members were very friendly and tried hard to help us despite the occasional language barrier.
    - I was surprised at the number of squat toilets at the park. There were always Western style toilets (clearly marked with a picture) available, but it felt like maybe Western style toilets comprised about 25% of the available toilets (as opposed to TDR where there are more Western style toilets).
    - Since the cast members take your picture upon entry to the park on Day 1 use of your ticket, we learned that I shouldn't have gotten a Fast Pass for my nephew with my ticket. They did let him use it, but only after a bit of confusion.
    - We really didn't see any bad behavior in the parks, surely nothing worse than we would see in WDW. There was a bit of pushing to towards the front to view the parade, but that would happen in the parks (except for TDR, I believe). We did see one hotel guest take off his shoes and put his feet up on a low table in the lobby of the hotel, but that was it.
    - We saw a lot more non-Asians than I expected touring the park.
    - The pre-ride Storybook pages at Winnie the Pooh were in Chinese.
    - We saw the Marriott Courtyard from the subway as we rode to downtown Shanghai (it is sort of near the park in case anyone wasn't staying at the park). I didn't see any dining options near the Courtyard, but there is a lot of new construction going up nearby.
    - We took the subway to central Shanghai - it took 2 transfers and about 10 RMB. We took a cab back which cost 135 RMB.
    - We did the PhotoPass, but I couldn't activate it until I got home because the only browser on my phone was Google Chrome (and Google isn't welcome in China). If I'd thought that through, I would've loaded an alternate browser on my phone before I left. The free wi-fi at the park and hotel worked well though.
    - POTC was truly amazing.

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