Hello all!

I am compiling a book of Cast Member anecdotes from all worldwide theme parks (and any other area appropriate, such as cruise lines).

The prompt is 'What is the weirdest thing you've experienced a Guest saying or doing whilst working at a Disney park?' I'm looking for entertaining stories centered around Guests that are bizarre, funny, stupid, inappropriate, etc. (Heartwarming, magic-making stories are wonderful but the goal here.)

All anecdotes will be anonymously credited, although I intend to include general details of where you work(ed) and a rough time frame (i.e. New Orleans/Critter Country Attractions, Disneyland Resort - Anaheim, CA, 2012-2015.)

All anecdotes will also be written in a magic-friendly format. I will not be divulging backstage secrets or degrading the brand of Disney in any way. This is a book about the Guests intended to delight and entertain (and perhaps give an insight into what Cast Members deal with on a day-to-day basis that can better inform how one acts as a Guest themselves.)

If you have an anecdote you wish to contribute, I would very much appreciate it!

Please email [email protected] and include the following:
  • Your story
    • Don't worry about the format, as it may ultimately be edited/paraphrased anyway
    • Stories of any length are appreciated, from a single sentence to several paragraphs
  • Where you worked (i.e. theme park/cruise ship, etc.)
  • Which department(s) you worked (i.e. Entertainment, Attractions, Photopass, and any applicable specific lands)
  • Which years you worked for Disney (i.e. 2012-2015 or 2018-Present)
Many thanks!