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Do you think the Shanghai castle is ugly or beautiful?


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  • Do you think the Shanghai castle is ugly or beautiful?

    I feel like I'm alone in thinking that is the ugliest Disney castle on Earth.

    Does Bob Iger have worse taste than Michael Eisner,
    whose Disneyland Paris castle looks really cool at night & when looking it from the grassy hill side?

    What to you think?

    Do you agree with me that despite nostalgia for the Anaheim castle,
    that the Tokyo Disneyland & Walt Disney World castles are the most beautiful?
    The Shanghai Disneyland castle is ugly.
    The Shanghai Disneyland castle is BEAUTIFUL!
    Art/beauty is subjective, for ex. 1 can't say Mozart is a better musician than Brittney Spears!
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    It's not flawless, like Paris's castle or Disneysea's fortress, but it has some respectable aspects. For example, it looks like its made of marble or stone in its upper ramparts, whereas the smooth fiberglass turrets of Cinderella Castle has always looked too artificial to my eyes. Shanghai's problem is it has no buildings or trees to ensconce it like the other parks do. It just sits there, alone on an elevated plinth. And its least attractive side/angle is the most important one: straight on from entry. From diagonal and rear angles and with trees to help frame and obscure it, it can look really good.


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      I dig it. It kind of gives me a feel like a castle the beast would live in pre curse.


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        My friend and I visited a couple of years ago and neither of us had issues with it. At all. It's a beautiful castle. With a very, very spacious hub area in front of it. A very open park-like setting. Shanghai Disneyland was beautiful in our opinion.

        What's more though is the CMs there are phenomenal. They felt almost old school Disney, and took a lot of pride in their job. We didn't meet one CM who didn't greet us with a huge smile and an extremely positive attitude.

        Having both been Attractions CMs at Disneyland in Anaheim, we knew what it should look like. And they had it! Tokyo CMs had it too. HK Disney CMs? Not so much.

        So many great things about this park. The layout is quite impressive. And of course, their Tron is outstanding. Shanghai's Pirates is beyond phenomenal. Overall, a great visit.


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