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Tips for Planning a Trip to Shanghai Disneyland


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  • [Travel Planning] Tips for Planning a Trip to Shanghai Disneyland

    Before You Arrive:

    Getting to the park:
    Keep in mind that the Disney Resort is relatively new in Shanghai, so some taxi drivers may not exactly be familiar with the directions to the resort. Always keep a photo of some sort of map showing the resort and its surroundings just in case of any confusion.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 8.51.15 PM.png Views:	1 Size:	139.4 KB ID:	8484884

    Bring Some Form of Identification (one per party):
    In order to enter the park, one individual must provide some sort of identification document (such as a passport) to verify ticket purchase. Keep in mind that all members of a party should enter together to speed up the process of getting into the park

    Bring 1 RMB Coins:
    Shanghai Disneyland offers guests practically free storage lockers next to Tron, Roaring Rapids, and the Challenge Trails. While some of these lockers utilize a code to unlock, there are many other lockers that use a lock system that requires 1 RMB to use. The latter lockers are often more available at any point in the day.

    Keep in Mind How the Weather Operates:
    Shanghai's weather is ever-changing and volatile. Because of this, it would help to study forecasts in advance as crowding and ride closures may very well be dictated by the expected weather.

    Wear Comfortable Walking Shoes:
    Last but certainly not least, this is probably one of the most important things to remember before going. Shanghai Disneyland covers an immense landscape, so it is no surprise that there will be a lot of walking from land to land. To have a better experience, go for anything you feel comfortable walking in.
    In The Park:

    Disney parks are well-known for their foods and Shanghai's park is on exception. The park offers a plethora of asian-influenced foods that please your palettes, including many classic Disney resort snacks that are given an Asian twist. However, the portioning at some locations are not the best, so if you want more bang for your buck, I suggest heading out of the park momentarily to visit Disneytown for a hearty meal (they have many American restaurants there). Otherwise, most of the restaurants within the park provide very decent meals.
    Cheesecake Factory at Disneytown

    Embrace the Culture:
    Chinese culture is drastically different from European or American culture. That probably doesn't come as a shock to you but it is important to acknowledge this fact when visiting the park. As an American-Born Chinese, who moved to China temporarily after living in California for the majority of my life, I still found some of the cultural aspects rather hard to handle. I'm sure we've all heard stories about people being very pushy and neglecting personal space, and let me tell you, Disney is no exception of this behavior. Don't take it personally as it is just part of the culture that the locals here grew up with. In my visits to Shanghai Disney I've seen two children on leashes, some children publicly urinating, and even a baby smoking. I guess what I'm trying to say is this: Remember where you are and be prepared for the unexpected, but don't it affect your experience at Disneyland.

    Stranger Danger:
    NEVER give away your ticket to anyone in the park. Shanghai Disneyland is victim to severe attempts of scamming by shady individuals, and so it is important to never give away any personal belongings or information. Disney is currently emplacing countermeasures to combat the scammers but where there's a will there's a way.

    Being Cut in Line:
    Another popular issue at Shanghai Disneyland is the rampant breakout of individuals who decide to skip lines. Many times, this is unfortunately unavoidable, but it may be preventable if you try to block the width of the queue you are at. More often then not, these individuals will relentlessly plow right past you, but you can still put up a small fight. Keep in mind that these individuals are not limited to locals. When I was in line at the Tron attraction, a pair of European males decided to blow past everyone in line, which angered many people in line.
    Extra Tips:

    Excellent Nighttime View of Park:
    To get a breathtaking view of the park lit up at night, line up for the Jet Packs ride in Tomorrowland and reach the maximum height in your vessel. You spin rather fast but you can catch glimpses of the entire park, shining in all of its wonderful glory.

    Soaring Over the Horizon:
    This ride is often plagued with devilishly long lines, most of which supersede 100 min waits. Although the queue has wonderful theming, I would only suggest going on this ride if you REALLY want to. If you aren't too inclined to go on it, then its nothing much to be missed, considering the amount of time that must be sacrificed to view this attraction.

    Roaring Rapids:
    This is another one of the plagued rides at Shanghai Disneyland. It is almost always undergoing refurbishment/repair, and when it isn't, expect at least a 100 minute wait to go on this ride. I expect them to solve this issue as well as the issues faced at Soaring Over the Horizon, but as of right now, this ride is a no-go (It's down for refurbishment anyways).

    These are the tips my girlfriend and I came up with for Shanghai Disneyland. If you have some of your own you would like to add, or if you would like to comment then feel free to contact me!

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    Thank you. This was very helpful, especially the cultural parts.


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