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Disney Merchandise Schedule (Calendar) Books


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  • [Question] Disney Merchandise Schedule (Calendar) Books

    I hope I haven't posted this in the wrong place, but I figured who best but those connected to or at least passionate about TDR. A couple of years ago I picked up one of the Disney Schedule Books--basically a daily planner, but on each page was a different Disney character. They have them for Pirates, Stitch, Cats, Dogs, Alice, Nightmare Before Xmas, Princesses, etc.

    Generally they are about 6inches tall by 4 inches in width and from what I've learned they are sold only in the Parks and online in Japan. I saw them at HKDL as well. But never here in the US. I am now in search of one of the earlier ones that they made for calendar year 2006. Specifically it is called:
    2006 Encyclopedia of Disney Schedule Book.
    1928-1967 Steamboat Willie to The Jungle Book.

    And it's made by e-sting there in Japan. Here's a link if you guys want to see a visual of the 2007 edition:

    Any one have any hints on where I should look to try to find one? I've tried ebay and no luck--they have others but not the Encyclopedia and haven't had anything other than the 2008 edition for about the past year. I've tried Rinkya and no luck there either. I've got 2007 and 2008, and am missing this one. Any suggestions from you locals or die-hards that might know what I'm talking about? I may sound like a geek here, but it's a great collection of all the Disney characters in one place. Any help would be great! Thanks.

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    Re: Disney Merchandise Schedule (Calendar) Books

    And for those of you that want to see what the 2006 editions look like, please click on the following link:


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      Re: Disney Merchandise Schedule (Calendar) Books

      Oh those! I think you can find them outside TDR as well.


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