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Sept - Nov 2006


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  • Sept - Nov 2006

    Im planning to finally visit Tokyo Disney Resort in between Sept - Nov of next year and just wondering when the best time to visit was.So I can book the dates.Whats the weather like at that time of the year and are there any major holidays to watch out for ?
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    Re: Sept - Nov 2006

    Well, Sept is mild and Nov gets a bit chilly. October is in between. I'm talking about
    Tokyo here. I've never been to TDR and know that it's on the coast, so weather could be
    slightly different. (like coastal fog). August to start of October is considered Typhoon season.
    Mid to late Oct is very mild and usually little rain with leaves in the trees changing color.
    BTW. it rains quite a bit in japan so ALWAYS be ready for rain esp. in the late afternoons.

    I can't think of any major holiday (most are earlier in the year). There's Autumnal Equinox
    in Sept 23. There's a culture day and a day for senior citizens. And I don't recall them
    being major travel days, but you should get better (more recent) info from other
    folks here,

    Hope that you have a great time in "Nihon"!


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      Re: Sept - Nov 2006

      Thanks for the advice it certainly looks likely I'll be visiting Tokyo next year, either they or Hong Kong and will be staying at a hotel called the Shiba Park Hotel which is suposed to be located in centre of Tokyo close to its finacial district.And just a few mins walk from the train stations.Anyone ever stayed here ?
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        Re: Sept - Nov 2006

        Talk about serendipity... :-)

        That was the hotel that I stayed when I was in
        Tokyo last. Unforunately, that was over 15 years ago. :-)

        Back then it was pretty new. It's in a pretty convenient
        part of Tokyo. It's Central, but slightly south-west of
        the Imperial Palace. and near the Tokyo Tower.

        Anything in particular that you want to know?


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          Re: Sept - Nov 2006

          Shiba Park Hotel is 5-7 minute walk to the nearest JR station. Use either JR Hamamatsucho or JR Shimbashi Stations and board the (green-colored) Yamanote Line towards JR Tokyo Station. Transfer to Keiyo Line and take it to Maihama Station at Tokyo Disney Resort. For weather information, you may want to check here: