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Disconnected Fastpasses ??


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  • Disconnected Fastpasses ??

    Does anyone know if there are any Fastpass machines that are 'independant' of the rest of the fastpass system? ... or do they have every attraction on the same system (I believe DL Anaheim has a few 'disconnected' machines...)
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    With the closure or removal of Fast Pass on Start Tours and Pirates, and the all but Holiday closure of the Haunted machines, only Roger Rabbit remains unconnected to the E-Ticket Fast Passes.

    ***Sorry, I was thinking Disneyland in California. Please ignore ***
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      I have not not seen any disconnected machines at TDR yet. I have however seen them close the machines early on some days such as the case at TDS' StormRider where the machines were opened at 9am but I saw them closing them at 10:30am since the park's attendance was light.

      Also, you should know the Haunted Mansion FP machines have remained opened since they removed the Nightmare overlay, which is the reason why I took a picture of the busy queue which appears in my Princess Days photo album (I posted on another topic here). Looks busy due to the stand by wait.


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