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TDL New Attraction


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    Re: TDL New Attraction

    Originally posted by jedimaster7313 View Post
    I'd rather they add a new venue
    TDL has precious little space left for new expect a lot of old attractions to go the way of the dodo.

    As far as I can tell from aerial images, the only large plot of land left (other than occupied by a current ride, 3D film, or animatronic show) could be obtained by getting rid of the service building behind the theater in the New Orleans section.

    A small to medium plot of land could be obtained by demolishing the theater in Tomorrowland and using that footprint plus the small amount of unused land adjacent to it.

    It's probably possible to build an attraction "left" of Splash Mountain by building beyond the berm, again replacing service buildings that are currently there.

    Otherwise, as far as I can see, any new attractions will have to replace old ones.
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      Re: TDL New Attraction

      Originally posted by aimster View Post
      Either of you going to pay my way? I'm still unemployed. And don't tell me to find a job because I've been looking like you wouldn't believe and have gotten absolutely no bites. It SUCKS.
      I understand. I know the job market is tough. I will say a prayer for you. Okay to TDL. I would like to the MMR before it leave as well and I might hopefully soon.
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        Re: TDL New Attraction

        I feel that TDR should keep Mickey Mouse Revue but may should renovate them more modern than build Phil's Magic instead.
        It's still ok that they will hold until may of next year, i plan to go to view them again..