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TDS 7th Anniversary Merchandise?


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  • [Question] TDS 7th Anniversary Merchandise?


    I recall seeing in Disney Fan a few months ago, the 7th anniv merchandise for Tokyo Disney Sea with Mickey w/snake around his neck and Stitch dressed as Indy- I just got back last week and realized that I didn't see any of it anywhere. I've been going for the past 4 years & always managed to get something for the anniversary year.

    Did the stuff ever come out this year? I assume it did and just sold out. Unless it was pulled early for some reason- Anyone know more?

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    Re: TDS 7th Anniversary Merchandise?

    From what I understand, anniversery merch sells rather quick. If you can't find it, it's more than likely sold out.
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      Re: TDS 7th Anniversary Merchandise?

      When I last visited in late Oct, there was still some items left for sale at TDS' Emporio. However, I believe that it may have been sold out by november since the Xmas merchandise is now on sale at the park. Whatever may have been left, could have been moved to the CM shop backstage.

      Also, I did post some photos of the 7th anniversary merchandise showing items not seen in the DisneyFan Magazine. Did you not see them?


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        Re: TDS 7th Anniversary Merchandise?

        I don't recall if I had seen your photos before- which post was it in. I didn't even realize while I was shopping away with Christmas stuff last week that there wasn't any anniversary stuff left. I thought about it the day before I left and searched every shop on my last day-and nothing.

        I was just suprised that nothing was leftover since I've usually managed to get some things each year- this was the first time it was just gone completely. I was able to at least get the button, pin, bag and thimble. I've been down the same week each year too, unless I've just been lucky before they pulled or sold out of it.

        I've even tried looking on ebay and although I'm not a big fan of ebay, there isn't much good or recent stuff offered for sale from TDL or TDS either, other than pins that is.


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          Re: TDS 7th Anniversary Merchandise?

          looky loo:

          last time i buy crystal ball from pic n save!


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            Re: TDS 7th Anniversary Merchandise?

            Post #13 on Ichigopara's thread above.

            My anniversary merchandise pictures are here at the end of post #1:


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              Re: TDS 7th Anniversary Merchandise?

              Thanks Malin & TDLFAN for the links to the pics

              I don't think I ever saw Ichigopara's since it looks like she posted the pics right after I put in my post.

              I do remember seeing your photos TDLFAN now, but just didn't remember them.

              I'm bummed now that I couldn't find any out there- hopefully someone will list some stuff on ebay, but I'm not too hopeful since they never seem to have good stuff offered from Tokyo Disney lately. I'm tired of looking at the same old pins that people keep re-listing all the time.

              I also get crazy since I also collect the cups & plates you get with the desserts- I have several of them, but never get the Halloween, A la Carte or spring and summer events since I'm not there.

              My friend is going back in March, so hopefully they will still have Seasons of the Heart stuff- or is that over by then?? Also, any news of what the events will be next year- other than the final phase of the 25th & probably the usual Find Stitch & Cool the heat stuff?


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                Re: TDS 7th Anniversary Merchandise?

                Season of the Heart lasts at least until the 14th on March which is White day in Japan, the other V-day.
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                  Re: TDS 7th Anniversary Merchandise?

                  Is there a phone number you can call to order things from TDR, like there is for WDW?

                  There is a few things I wished I had picked up I love to order.
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