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Let's go Shopping at TDL!!!


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  • [Pictures] Let's go Shopping at TDL!!!

    With the opening of "Monsters Inc Ride & Go Seek" attraction, many attraction specific items went up for sale, and can be found at the ride's very own gift shop, or at other locations in the park, like the Emporium, Disney and Co. and others... Here a quick look.

    Food items sport the Monsters look.

    The Meal box is very cute.

    Tee shirts.


    Commemorative Attraction grand opening teeshirt.

    More hats.

    Fun assesories.


    Light toys.

    More goodies.


    Pins, cell straps..which are very cute and modeled after the ride's sushi bar scene.


    Very cute popcorn bucket.

    Window display.

    Bottle tops/straw & straps.

    Rocky is a very visible and popular character during the "Monsters Inc Ride & Go Seek" ride.. and he has his own line of merchandise.. Very cute and redhair all over.. like a baby cousin itt, kinda reminds me of a certain husband of mine.

    Rocky assesories.

    You too can sport stylish eyeglasses as Ross does.

    Coming very shortly... a look at the TDL 26th Anniversary merchandise.

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    Re: Let's go Shopping at TDL!!!

    To celebrate TDL's 26th anniversary a limited selection of items arrived at the store shelves and here is a sample of those items..which were decidedly themed to commemorate the opening of "Monsters Inc Ride and go Seek" feat. Mickey wearing the new ride's CM costume (complete with flashlight). Notice the number "26" looks like a couple of popular characters.. and the "26 yrs of laughter" in the canisters, a prominent prop in the Monsters movie and attractions.

    Signs marked where the 26th anniversary was found.

    Anniversary shopping bags

    Pins, decals, post cards and plastic folders all sported this anniversary logo.

    The limited edition watch.

    Mickey's plush was available in medium, small and cellstrap sizes.

    A nice display inside Disney & Co shop.

    One of the few tee shirts designs..

    There were also a selection of confectionary and candy boxes themed to the 26th anniversary. (not pictured)

    Coming up.. some new items on sale exclusively at TDR..


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      Re: Let's go Shopping at TDL!!!

      A few new items went on sale at TDR recently.. in preparation for spring and summer...

      Ticket holders are quite popular at TDR.. and the Stitch one is a big seller. Here, a new tee design pays tribute to it.

      Love to cool yourself down with water bottles/fans? Here is a tee for you to wear, and the bottle that inspired it.

      Love those TDR popcorn buckets? Have your own Chip and Dale bucket tee.

      Colorful character face towels are also on sale in anticipation of the hot and humid summer season.. and you can any any of these characters and colors on a matching teeshirt and hat as well!

      Prefer something more classic, or ever dreamed of dressing up like your favortite Disney characters?


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        Re: Let's go Shopping at TDL!!!

        This is the last set of photos..

        Let's take a quick side trip to TDS for a sneak preview of some merchandise already on sale for this year's edition of "SRING CARNIVAL 2009".

        Spring Carnival 09 popcorn bucket features Tink and her Fairies Pals.

        The souvenir dessert plate.

        The souvenir mousse dessert mug.

        Now some few things that caught my eye... NOTE: some of the following items are using the tired "Where Dreams Come True" slogan used at WDW and DLR for like decades now? Why is that I wonder? I do not know.. maybe Rassulo at work here..? but seems this is a "resort" slogan, as opposed to a TDL-only slogan, which is "The Kingdom of Dreams and Magic", or TDS's slogan being "Where Imagination Sets Sail", which are much more phonetically stylish than the stale Million Dreams slogan now being introduced at TDR. Thumbs down from me there. Let each park/resort internationally have it's own slogan have their own identity!!! Ok rant over. For now.

        Over at TDL, counter service restaurants rolled out a new look on their paper products used for presentation of food items.. such as hamburger bags, etc.

        Finally, merchandise shops premiered a new event shopping bag look, featuring Monsters Inc Ride & go Seek on one side...

        And TDS' Spring Carnival on the other.

        The resort Discover Guides also spot a new look for this spring and summer season.

        The park guidemaps also unveiled a more subdued and stylish cover artwork.

        The "Today" entertainment leaflets also have a new cover design unique to each park.

        And finally... drum roll please...

        THE OFFICIAL "Monsters Inc Ride & Go Seek" attraction poster!!!!

        Hope you enjoyed the shopping tour.
        Last edited by TDLFAN; 04-21-2009, 01:29 AM.


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          Re: Let's go Shopping at TDL!!!

          Thanks for the tour!
          Born in a shoebox and making the most of it.


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            Re: Let's go Shopping at TDL!!!

            They really go all-out merchandise wise!

            Those fries look good too...


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              Re: Let's go Shopping at TDL!!!

              I can't believe all the unusual t-shirts. And my kids are going to love all the Monsters Inc. gear.
              Thanks for the tour!



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                Re: Let's go Shopping at TDL!!!

                The variety and imagination of all that merchandise is amazing. Thanks for sharing all that, TDLFAN!!!


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                  Re: Let's go Shopping at TDL!!!

                  Thank you for the great update!


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                    Re: Let's go Shopping at TDL!!!

                    Wow, thanks for all those photos! Looks like a lot of great stuff! The 26th logo is cute. Oh, and what flavor are the two special mousse cups (Monsters & Spring Carnival)?


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                      Re: Let's go Shopping at TDL!!!

                      Thank you SO much TDLFAN!

                      I almost bought caved and bought dirt cheap flights to Tokyo for May, and now you are making me regret it even more :-( I want that first Monsters Inc (Classic Logo) and the popcorn bucket bad!!

                      I get my $900 Aussie Stimulus Payment soon, i have a horrible feeling i may stimulate the Japanese Economy instead...


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                        Re: Let's go Shopping at TDL!!!

                        WOW! TDR has the best merchandise team EVER!!!


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                          Re: Let's go Shopping at TDL!!!

                          "April showers bring May flowers"...and this is certainly a shower of great info and pics gearing up for the Spring Carnival tomorrow. I'm so excited now, I just might have to swing by TDS before work! Thanks, TDLFAN!


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                            Re: Let's go Shopping at TDL!!!

                            Thanks for the pics! Rocky is so adorable! I love those little cups too.
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                              Re: Let's go Shopping at TDL!!!

                              Cute stuff!

                              My family knows---I spend almost more time shopping than going on attractions!
                              To me, it's just as fun. I love looking--mulling over--and finding the most unique or crazy items.
                              (but--now most of my purchase items are mainly gold Mickey jewelry).

                              But--I got to say--that 'Roz' hat is calling me. So funny!!! )
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