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  • [Pictures] Sayonara MICKEY MOUSE REVIEW :(

    This week marks the permanent retirement of one of TDL's (and before that WDW's MK's) original attraction shows, the much beloved "Mickey Mouse Review". For me, this attraction is a sentimental favorite because it was one of the very first Disney attractions I ever saw way back in June 1972 during my very first visit to WDW, and this magical little musical show is one such reason why to this day I love the magic of the Disney parks. "Mickey Mouse Review" operated at the MK park for most of it's first decade since opening and then was relocated to TDL, where it premiered on opening day April 15th 1983, and has been in operation for just over 26 years, 160% longer the amount of time it played for the MK audiences. Seeing this show for the last time this past week, just made me realize what a magical time capsule we have here.. a piece of WDW history now gone. Makes me realize that as nice as it's current replacement at the MK, "Mickey's PhilHarmagic", the 3D experience simply does not measure up to seeing this musical experiences unfold on the stage. Of course, there will always be the naysayers and those who will call it "dated", "boring", or simply not care much for it at all. However, let's be reminded that this is the type of attraction that made Walt Disney proud back in the day, and some of us grin with glee.. Hardly ever now a days do we get to be treated to the sheer amount of Disney characters put together on one single stage.. and seeing so many of Walt's proudest movie moments reproduced here in Audio Animatronic form was simply magical and moving each and everytime I saw this wonderful show. Call me a sucker but everytime that curtain closed to the tune of the Mickey Mouse Club song... I got misty. Now that is a powerful moment for any true Disney aficionado. And now.. "MIckey Mouse Review" becomes a part of Yesterdayland. So sad to see this old timer go.. and it will always be remembered fondly.

    Without further ado.. I give you the "Mickey Mouse Review" one more time. (Please note: the current regulations in regards to photography and tripod use at TDR makes it difficult to capture the main show's moments, therefore some of these pictures had to be taken with open lens and no triopod, reason why they are a bit blurry and I apologize for that.)

    Arriving at Cinderella Castle, gateway to Fantasyland.

    The Mickey Mouse Review attraction.

    The waiting lobby features many of Mickey's best characterizations on film.

    A guest appreciates the artwork as we wait to see the show.

    This wait area features restrooms... the original waiting lobby at WDW did not.

    Mickey's many famous personas...

    The lovely Cast Member makes her introductory welcome spiel before we are led into the pre-show theater.

    The Earth moved...

    The angels wept..

    Guests enter into the pre-show theater..

    The preshow theater features a retrospective film about Mickey's illustrious career as a movie star and theme park host. (Trivia.. this film still showed the original WDW logo in it's first scenes... and gives a peak at what DL's Sleeping Beauty Castle looked like in 1970 at the end)

    In the preshow film.. we see Mickey in "Steamboat Willie", among other highlights.

    After the Preshow... we are led to the main theater for the show.

    Artwork can be seen above the exit doors..

    ..and above the doors we entered the theater from. (At WDW the traffic flow was left to right, but of course.. here in Japan, they do it the opposite way)

    ...and yes, the theater was that empty.

    The show started with an orchestration medley of Disney melodies.. played on the stage by a Disneyfied orchestra made of over a dozen of Disney characters... with Mickey himself conducting. Then it goes into a "Three Little Pigs" segment... here, the Big Bad Wolf prepares for the attack... via filmed sequence projected on the stage's curtain. We see the 3 little pigs themselves later after this scene.. in AA form.

    A Snow White salute continues, with the Seven Dwarfs doing their jodeling... while Snow watches from afar.. (not seen in this photo)

    Alice has backup singers in the shape of lovely flowers... (Trivia: this is the scene that Stitch crashed during the "Find Stitch" special event a coupld of years ago.)

    The Three Caballeros arrive with blazing guns and lots of fun, as they make their way from one end of the stage to the other and back, in mere split second speed. Donald shakes those maracas!!

    A filmed prelude of Cinderella and Charming opens the "Cinderella" portion of the show, in which we see Cindy transform from cleaning girl to Princess, right on the stage in front of our eyes.

    Brer Bear, Fox and Rabbit have a zippideedoodah moment, which is the song that leads into the show's finale.

    (The Splash Mountain AAs don't really look that different from these ^^^ here.)

    The show finale brings back the entire cast for one more bow... Note the lovely rainbow behind the stage...

    The stage is so wide, I can not be photographed in it's entire lenght with my cheap camera.

    Ok sing with me... "M-I-C-K-E-Y .... M-O-U-S-Eeeeeeeeeeeeee"

    The curtain closes on the show as Mickey talks to the audience.. "Hehehe Folks!, that concludes our show! Hope you enjoyed it!"

    Yes Mickey, we did enjoy the show... for the past 38 years since it premiered, and we will always remember you. Godspeed MICKEY MOUSE REVIEW.
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    Thanks SO much for that! Those are actually the first photos of the exterior and queue I've EVER seen.

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      Re: Sayonara MICKEY MOUSE REVIEW

      How sad I heard of this show but never saw any pictures of it....


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        Re: Sayonara MICKEY MOUSE REVIEW

        Oh Olivier.. I am sorry you will miss it by such little amount of time!


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          Re: Sayonara MICKEY MOUSE REVIEW

          Originally posted by TDLFAN View Post
          Oh Olivier.. I am sorry you will miss it by such little amount of time!
          Yes, so sad.


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            Re: Sayonara MICKEY MOUSE REVIEW

            Thanks for taking the time to take and post the photos TDLFan. They'll be keepers.


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              Re: Sayonara MICKEY MOUSE REVIEW

              Sorry to nitpick. But Walt Disney never was alive to see this show. But I get what you mean. This is certainly a show that he would approve of and would make him happy.

              Anyway, I am so sad to see this show go. I never did see it. My only knowledge is a children's book I had in the 70s about WDW that had a hand-drawn illustration of it. Question: Was there ever a scene where Mickey conducts an orchestra made up of classic characters?

              Hopefully I can find this on Youtube. This is an attraction I always forget about yet is one of the more magical attractions in all of the Parks.

              So sad to see it go.


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                Re: Sayonara MICKEY MOUSE REVIEW

                Originally posted by DisneyIPresume View Post
                Question: Was there ever a scene where Mickey conducts an orchestra made up of classic characters?
                Here ya go


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                  Re: Sayonara MICKEY MOUSE REVIEW

                  A youtube for you DIP

                  [ame=]YouTube - The Mickey Mouse Revue, Walt Disney World 1971[/ame]

                  More reference stuff here as well -


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                    Re: Sayonara MICKEY MOUSE REVIEW

                    Thank you so much for that, TDLFAN!! Especially the interior shots. It's! Glad you took so many photos before the attraction goes into yesterland.


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                      Re: Sayonara MICKEY MOUSE REVIEW

                      Thank you for posting those! I'm sad that shows that are not projected onto a screen are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Animatronic shows like Mickey Mouse Revue and Country Bear Jamboree and becoming extinct. I do enjoy the 3D offerings and such, but it is a shame that this type of show will soon be a thing of the past. Thanks again for posting the pics!


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                        Re: Sayonara MICKEY MOUSE REVIEW

                        Thanks Flynn!

                        I'll have to wait to get home to watch the video. I can't wait!


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                          Re: Sayonara MICKEY MOUSE REVIEW

                          Thanks for the report! For anyone who is interested I posted HD videos of the pre-show and show on Mousebits a while ago. They were shot last february.


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                            Re: Sayonara MICKEY MOUSE REVIEW

                            I was really looking forward to seeing this attraction. Never even got to experience it at WDW either.


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                              Re: Sayonara MICKEY MOUSE REVIEW

                              I'm sorry we'll be missing it as well. My girls would have teased me to no end as I got teary at the end...:blush:

                              Our trip comes at just a few days short of it's closing. *sigh*
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