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Tokyo Disney Resort The Report!

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  • Trip Report Tokyo Disney Resort The Report!

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    Day 1 Tokyo DisneySea

    Day 1- Tokyo Disney Sea


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        Photo's Day 1!

        Waiting to get into Tokyo Disney Sea, This woman infront had a Duffy bigger then her!

        Beautiful Mediterranean Harbour

        First ride of the Day, and the Best!

        The effect of these is amazing

        In the queue for 20,000 Leagues under the sea

        Lost River Delta with Indiana Jones looming

        Classic Disney Attraction

        The Alleys of The Arabian Coast

        The entrance to Arabian Coast

        In the entrance to Mermaid Lagoon, King Triton I want this!

        Just Beautiful

        A wander through The Fort

        This room is spectacular!

        Looking down on the pendulum room

        The Beautiful Vistas seen from Fortress Explorations

        McDucks Department Store

        The Ultimate Tower!

        In the Lobby


        2nd Pre-show Room

        Hehehe No one is enjoying this!

        Beautiful Broadway Theatre

        The Columbia!

        Hello! From the Deck of the Columbia!

        Columbia with tower looming behind

        Legend of Mythica Begins!


        Hi Pluto!

        Peaceful Cape Cod

        Me and Mickey

        I still am amazed its just a hotel

        And were back!

        Raging Spirits

        Looks Amazing at night


        Mermaid Lagoon at night, Magical!

        I want this!

        Waiting for BraviSEAmo!

        It Begins!

        The water Goddess Emerges

        I think the god of Fire is coming

        Yep there he is

        They Meet

        The Dance begins



        Too much exposure whoops!


        The end to a Brilliant first day at Tokyo Disney Sea
        Tomorrow Tokyo Disneyland!


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          Re: Tokyo Disney Resort The Report!

          WOW! You got some great pics there! I want to go back now!


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            Re: Tokyo Disney Resort The Report!

            Fabulous shots of BraviSEAmo!

            It always amazes me what feelings of excitement TDS generates in all trip reports that I read. Not so for the other well known parks at WDW... EPCOT for example never creates this much excitement and admiration when people write about it..


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              Re: Tokyo Disney Resort The Report!

              Terrific photos- thanks for sharing- Yet, you can't get any real bad shots of Tokyo Disney Sea since it's such a beautiful park. Looks like you had a great time.


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                Re: Tokyo Disney Resort The Report!

                completely love it. Thanks for sharing.


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                  Re: Tokyo Disney Resort The Report!

                  This report makes me want to go even more! Such amazing photos, thanks for posting them


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                    Re: Tokyo Disney Resort The Report!

                    sweet pics!....
                    my heart is yours


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                      Re: Tokyo Disney Resort The Report!

                      Great pics, Bigglesworth! Thanks for sharing.
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                        Re: Tokyo Disney Resort The Report!

                        Awesome TR!! Thanks for sharing.


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                          Re: Tokyo Disney Resort The Report!

                          OH MY!! I WANT TO GO!!!!


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                            Re: Tokyo Disney Resort The Report!

                            Originally posted by dland_lover View Post

                            OH MY!! I WANT TO GO!!!!
                            2nd door on the left at the end of the hallway.


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                              Re: Tokyo Disney Resort The Report!



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                                Re: Tokyo Disney Resort The Report!

                                Awesome TR! I am so looking forward to more.


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                                  Re: Tokyo Disney Resort The Report!

                                  Oh my gosh...I want to go back there again! Thanks for the trip report and the fantastic photos.


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                                    Re: Tokyo Disney Resort The Report!

                                    Thanks for all the kind words! I'm finishing day 2 and will have pics and commentary up tomorrow night!

                                    Thanks again!


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                                        Day 2- Pictures

                                        An hour Early Pays off! Listen to TDLFAN!

                                        10th in Line!

                                        The Rush to Monsters Inc Fastpass

                                        30 Sec wait to get a Fastpass! That Hour early Paid off!

                                        The Lovely cast!

                                        Big Bad Wolf looking like a pimp! The Toown town costumes are bright and festive love the different costumes for so many areas around the park!

                                        Scrooge decked out for Toon town as well

                                        First Was Pooh with a 5 min wait
                                        A Family Pic

                                        So Beautiful!

                                        I want this!

                                        A maid outside the haunted Mansion. I think she was surprised I wanted a picture with her.

                                        Lovin The Haunted Mansion!

                                        Very different then the vie in September No people!

                                        My Favorite Donald Duck!

                                        Ok, so I had never seen the White Rabbit out anywhere before! So at the cost of my Brothers picture with Goofy I had to get a pic! :-p

                                        The view from Splash Mountain

                                        Big Thunder

                                        You love it or hate, it The infamous Curry Popcorn DELICIOUS!

                                        Ok Allot of Characters today! They were everywhere and in the best themed costumes! Goofy!

                                        A Country Bear What?!?!?

                                        Lunch, This Restaurant was Amazing

                                        Hard to believe you just outside one of the worlds biggest/busiest cities!

                                        I love lovelove! The Japanese So polite and organized, waiting for Jubilation!

                                        Castle Shot time!

                                        The Beautiful Gardens of TDL

                                        This is how quiet the park was! This was the busiest today I think

                                        I love this building, Monsters Inc is my favorite Pixar film. So I spent allot of money!

                                        The sun is beginning to set

                                        End of May is a great time to go Really Quiet, I managed a shot with no one in the foreground!

                                        Dreamlights begins!

                                        This float gives me goosebumps every time Pure Disney Magic!

                                        And now some nighttime shots on the way out. This park always photographs beautifully. But Even moreso at night:

                                        From the Hub up to World Bazaar

                                        The Crystal Palace

                                        World Bazaar and the wonderfully manicured gardens

                                        World Bazaar Saying bye to the Castle for the night

                                        Although not a Train Station just as magical entrance

                                        Tokyo Disneyland Hotel at Night
                                        Thats It Sorry if its too much! its hard to pic just a few once i get started!