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Tokyo Disney Resort The Report!

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    Re: Day 3- Park Hopping Photo's!

    Originally posted by tasman View Post
    Thanks for the TR!

    With regard to the picture hotel guests have a separate entrance to Tokyo Disneyland park?
    I could be wrong here, but i believe this area (stretches back to under the Disneyland Station to the Disneyland Hotel) Is where ay guests staying at TDR owned hotels can queue in the morning at opening only, I'm guessing it would have not as intense queues as early as the rest.


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      Re: Tokyo Disney Resort The Report!

      Thank you for the WONDERFUL trip report. As TDLFAN said earlier, TDL really has a way of getting everyone excited when people post pictures and TRs. NNL and I are dying to get there, and I think seeing these pictures is another spur to save for it!
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        Re: Tokyo Disney Resort The Report!

        Bigglesworth--your pictures are really beautiful. I took a lot of pictures--but they just don't do these beautiful parks justice.

        I knew my little point and shoot digital camera couldn't capture the real feel of being actually there....but heck, you're pictures really do make you feel you are there.

        Good job!
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          Re: Tokyo Disney Resort The Report!

          Great photos! Thanks for posting.