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Where does that TDS Spider come from?


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  • [Question] Where does that TDS Spider come from?

    None of these are an exact match, but Miss Muffet's (at about 3:09 in the first clip seems the best contender so far to me. His face is right, and he's not so mean. The one from Spider & the Fly, though, has the right gloves/shoes on his appendages (sometimes^^). Maybe the TDS one is an amalgamation? Anybody have a better answer?

    Silly Symphony - Mother Goose Melodies - Little Miss Muffet

    Silly Symphony - Spider & the Fly

    [ame=""]1937 Short - The Worm Turns[/ame]

    The spider here is not our guy, I think. I'm just including it cos I found it, and it has color and Mickey!^^
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    Re: Where does that TDS Spider come from?

    This is a good question. I thought it was for the "Midnight at the Toy Shop: silly symphony.. but after researching it, I am not sure. The one little spider sold at TDS (of which I had to buy one, it's so cute) seems more like a representation of all those spider characters in the silly symphonies. However, look at the last Disney managzine on page 23, where TDS' merchandise is featured. I see something written in japanese next to the photo of the spider but I can't make it out. Maybe that is the name's character? In the meantime.. this is what came to mind when I saw it at the shops last week.

    [ame=]YouTube - Silly Symphony Cartoons ? Midnight In A Toy Shop (August 16, 1930)[/ame]


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