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October? Or November?


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  • [Question] October? Or November?

    Hi ho--

    I'm in a position where I might be able to visit the resort for about a week. Price-wise, it seems about the same whether I go mid-October or early-mid-November. Does anyone have a recommendation for which time is better? I am interested in seeing seasonal stuff--is there a general preference for the Halloween or Christmas decorations? Also, do the lines tend to be any longer/shorter at either time of year? Is there much seasonal temperature change by that time? I've been in February and April, but never at the end of the year, so I'm not sure what to expect.

    Thanks for any recommendations!

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    Re: October? Or November?

    Originally posted by lonegungirl View Post
    Hi ho--
    Ok, who are you calling a ho, girlfriend?


    Ok.. First up, you have got to understand this is not a Walt Disney Co-operated park, therefore, things are not usually done the same way they are in CA or FL. Your magic will not be edited or cut back during slow months as they do in the US parks. Prices will be the same year long. Unlike DL and WDW, TDR operates full steam ahead with full entertainment schedules pretty much the whole year long.. except for the winter months in jan and feb, and even then, there is usually something special and unique for those periods. Crowds are there pretty much every month.. With August thru december being the worst months for crowds. You see, (unlike WDW and DLR) TDR offers a full schedule of summer, halloween and Xmas events pretty much back to back, and the fans love it. Therefore= Full parks.

    In regards to your question.. well it depends on what is more important for you to see. Do you prefer Halloween over Xmas? Or Xmas over Halloween? Trustfully, seems like Halloween brings more entertainment to the resort over Xmas .. but then, Xmas time is a very special time to visit TDR and also have a lot to offer in regards to special entertainment and other stuff. Oct is crowded due to the Halloween event. November is crowded due to the Xmas event. The only days you may find the parks empty is during the short few days of transition time in which the Halloween decor comes down and the Xmas decor goes up. That will take place this year from Nov 4th thru thr 9th. Only 6 days for the resort to take a break from fall and early winter crowds.

    It's a tough call. I think both halloween and xmas are the best times to visit and one is not better than the other in regards to entertainment, decor, merchandise, food etc etc etc. Lines will be just about the same because both months are pretty popular with guests and fans alike.

    Weather wise.. it begins to get cool in the daytime and cold in the evening time. Expect temperatures to drop as low as the 40s as the end of november nears. Remember also that due to TDR's proximity to the Bay, it may feel colder at night, especially on windy nights. Chance of rain is minimal as well.

    All in all, I think it comes down to what you like the most.. halloween or xmas, because the parks deliver on both accounts and crowd conditions within the parks do not change all that much.


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      Re: October? Or November?

      They are both great! I think the one thing the gives Xmas the edge is that if you go close to when it opens more merchandise will be available because some of the Halloween merchandise has already sold out. Either way you will have a fun time for sure!
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        Re: October? Or November?

        From all accounts I like what TDR offers for christmas, In essence since Halloween is new to TDS this year , they may be adding things in future years but I think christmas time is a solid thing for the resort and I think christmas time at all the resorts worldwide is such a beautiful thing


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          Re: October? Or November?

          I got the chance to both Halloween and Christmas last year. I have to say both were amazing. What I loved about Halloween was the guest costumes. They look so real and just so well done. It was fun to watch guest take photos with other guest that are dressed up. Last year TDS wasn't done up for Halloween which this year it is and from the photos its looks amazing as one would expect from TDR.

          I happen to love Christmas time and both parks once again look amazing. I don't even have the words to explain how beautiful they do up the parks.

          I would say you can't go wrong with either one you choose. I do agree if you want the pick of any merchandise then Christmas maybe the way to go. Last year I was there on Oct 31 and they still had a ton of stuff. Im not sure what they were missing, but I had no problem spending money. :-)
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            Re: October? Or November?


            Just getting back from TDR only yesterday, I can offer my opinion on it. It is really hard, both events are presented very well, both Christmas and Halloween. I've been there during Christmas 4 times and Halloween for the first time last week.

            I personally love Christmas, so I would recommend that, but seeing Halloween the first time, it's just as good. TDS did a great show for it's first time out & has room to grow even more in the future.

            If you like more seasonal atmosphere, I think the Christmas decorations are more widespread over the entire resort. Also, there seems to be more merchandise as well for Christmas. But most of the Halloween stuff was selling out quickly.

            Weather is slightly warmer in Sept/Oct than in November, where nights can get pretty cold.

            I had a bit of bad luck my first time out & there was a lot of rain last week- now I don't know if this is the norm for the end of Sept & beginning of Oct, but it did put a damper on most of my plans last week- I had 2 rainy days in TDS and one in TDL where most of the shows and parades were cancelled.

            You probabaly can't go wrong with either, but I like Christmas a little better.


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              Re: October? Or November?

              Well cool--it sounds like it's a great showing for either holiday. Since I don't have a heavy preference for one or the other, and October seems to be rapidly flying by, I might try for November then.

              I wonder if it would be strategically effective to go for the week the holiday stuff starts, in an attempt to cash in on the potentially lower crowds before, and then enjoy the Christmas stuff at the end of the week. And on the other hand, this might be overthinking it.

              Hopefully it'll work out--I have a desperate need for another ornately decorated popcorn bucket. As long as nothing intrusive like employment comes up...


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