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Mickey Ville , The Toon Town that never was


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  • [Review] Mickey Ville , The Toon Town that never was

    Mickey Ville , The Toon Town that never was

    After yesterday's introduction to the talent of Hani El Masri, here is the part two of this article.

    At the end of 1990, Hani was asked by Walt Disney Imagineering to work on the creative development of a new project "Mickey Ville" which was supposed to be a new land for Tokyo Disneyland.

    It was the first study for a "Toon Town", but much different than the one we know, as the architectural style was more "medieval". For a very good reason: this Mickey's Ville was supposed to be a tribute to Mickey's "medieval" cartoons, like "The Brave little tailor" or "Mickey and the Beanstalk".

    Hani's team was under the direction of imagineers Yoshi Akiyama and Bob Weis - yes, the same Bob Weis who designed the Disney-MGM Studios and Disney's America and who is now in charge of the huge placemaking of Disney's California Adventure.

    Here is a first rendering of the Mickey Ville project. For the design of this artwork, Hani was also slightly inspired by the architecture of Pinnochio’s Village.

    At the entrance, guests would have find at the left of the porch a nice fountain with Daisy...

    But Mickey Ville also would have include a "Mickey's Music Store" with chimneys who looks like pipe organ. Inside the music store, CD’s, sheet of music, and all kind of merchandise items related to music would have been on sale.

    Jump to the full article to discover many more artwork of this incredible Mickey Ville project that never was - and all of them are in high-res on the site! :

    Disney and more: Mickey Ville , The Toon Town that never was
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