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  • [Question] TDR next week!

    So I'll be at TDR next week from Mon-Thurs. Is there anything special going on for the start of the holiday season that I should be sure to try to make? Any meet-ups? Free give-aways? Commemorative popcorn buckets?

    In terms of FP gathering, is Pooh still the first one to go for? Or Monsters Inc?


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    Re: TDR next week!

    From November 10th, both parks will be in full Xmas mode. There will be lots of new xmas-related parks exclusive merchandise, menus, shows and parades.

    Not sure if there will be any meets up or free giveaways.. ask Ichigopara.

    In terms of FP, you must get a FP for Monsters asap in the morning. They usually run out by 10:30am, then get a Pooh FP as soon as your window opens again. Last week, I was able to get a FP to ride Pooh around 5pm by doing this. You may also want to get a FP for the Nightmare Overlay, and Astroblasters if that is your type of thing.

    And yes, there will be two new xmas popcorn buckets (one at TDL and one at TDS).


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