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Becoming a face character


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  • Becoming a face character


    I just read someone's post about finding pictures of their friends as face characters. I was just curious, how does one become a face character as TDR?

    Does the job pay good? Are the living conditions good? I would imagine they live somewhere around the resort, but maybe I'm totally wrong.

    I'd be interested in knowing more about the interesting lives of being a face character in Japan, if anyone has information..


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    Re: Becoming a face character

    I know the majority of foreign Cast Members who are performers live in the E-Village. That is really all I know about living conditions. Sorry I could not be of more help!


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      Re: Becoming a face character

      You must be 17 years old and live within 30 minutes of the resort.


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        Re: Becoming a face character

        They have auditions all over the place for TDR face characters. I went to one once, about three years ago, but didn't make it past the first look. *curses her too-tall height* I'm not sure what the living arrangement details are, though. All I know is it's a contract setup.
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          Re: Becoming a face character

          yes it is a contract setup, usually seven months.
          there are auditions in America, canada, Europe, and australia several times throughout the year.

          face characters are usually auditioned in cali, flordia (wdw) and australia. many of the faces they hire have also been face char. at disney US parks.

          you live in the E-village, which is in Urayasu, i think, which I don't think is far from the resort. They arrange living accomodations, usually a small one person apartment, in an area and building where all the other performers are. it is a pretty cool, fun setup. they treat you pretty well, I all the people I have seen that have done it love, love, love it.

          just go to auditions and keep trying. remember, face characters are cast so subjectively, it all depends on what they like. (and quite frankly, as much as all the cast are great people who work hard, sometimes their casting is a bit questionable for me. but I'm picky when it comes to my face characters).

          go to and click tokyo to find out. they probably won;t have another one till spring next year in cali.