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  • TDR or WDW?

    I'm posting this in the Tokyo forum because I figure a lot people in this forum have been to WDW, but maybe not the other way around.

    I simply must go to a Disney park sometime in the next 18 months or I'm going to, well, do something, and it won't be pretty. I naturally thought about checking out the 50th stuff at Disneyland since I'll likely be living in the Las Vegas region later this year. However, it comes to dawn on me that aside from gawking at the fresh paint and maybe finally not chickening out on Space Mountain, there really isn't a whole lot happening at that park that I haven't seen over the course of four visits in the past 15 years.

    So now it comes down to WDW and TDR. I originally looked at WDW just because the whole ordeal of getting there would be easier and everything from the Magic Kingdom to the size and scope of all those hotels blows away someone like me who is used to our little Disney park squeezed in an LA suburb. My fear of going to WDW is that I'll have so much to look at that. Forget about seeing it all, I won't even get to see most of the part I want!

    On the other hand, TDR has some same and some different things than WDW, but I'm paying a lot more to get there. But there's still things I'd like to see and do there, like many of the rides at DisneySea and spend at least part of a day poking my head outside of resort grounds and investigating a country I've been casually interested in for a few years now. I'll probably never have another chance in my life to ride a bullet train.

    So which should I do? Would I get more enjoyment out of a 3 day visit at TDR than I would at WDW? Would I get more for money by just sticking with the safer, cheaper bet? Can I keep my octopus intake to a minimum?

    Thank you to whoever can give me some advice or an idea of what kind of experience I'd be getting.

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    You can't compare these two resorts. I think it depends on how much you really want to spend in the long run. But to decide between them two, you have to figure out what you really want to see and do at the parks.. Of course, WDW has EPCOT and DAK, and MGM besides the MK. If you think it's worth it to see that, then go ahead and go to Orlando. However, if you want a more compacted, yet high quality caliber experience, then go to Japan. Japan is not only a facinating place to visit, but a complete visual and sensory experience. The way the japanese live and play can be quite mind boggling for those who are not too familiar with their ways and culture.

    As for TDR..they have TDL and TDS. TDL is quite similar to WDW's MK in execution since TDL was mostly a carbon copy of the MK when it opened in 1983, yet it has grown to have some unique sights to itself. If you are a fan of Disney being near perfect then TDR is the place to go. I find TDR to be the cleanest, most efficiently operated of the Disney parks. It has all the famous rides we love so much (except Matterhorn) and the place is kept in pristine form. When it comes to live entertainment, TDR puts on the most lavish of shows and parade ever produced for Disney parks. TDSea is yet another monster...with a lavishly crafted park that defies belief. It's attention to details and atmosphere make it an unique experience. TDS also features some great elavorate enterntainment on a daily basis and some of Disney's most unique rides, found only at that place. Then there is the personal touch....TDR Cast members are the best in the industry as they are quite professional in the way they do their job ensuring guests' safety and running the place with a distinctive japanese flair. They are robotic-efficient which is a japanese way of being in the work force, yet they manage to be the most helpful and hard working of them all, always making sure you get your answer to your questions. This ridiculous attention to work ethics make TDR the cleanest theme park on Earth.

    At WDW you won't find some of those things, even if some of the magic of Disney Days gone by are still found there. The problem that I have encountered at WDW is that the resort (even though it has a lot more to offer as opposed to DLR, DLRP, or TDR) still lacks a certain charm and efficiency that should be synonimous of the "Disney" brand. The MK, for being the most visited park in the world as stated by some poll not long ago, lacks a bit of pixie dust and lags behind when it comes to technology and upgrading. Some of the attractions there still look the way they did back in the 1970's. I have found myself pouting a bit over cleanliness issues and CM's attitudes at that resort as well, plus for being the MK that charges the most for a 1-day ticket compared to DL, DLP and TDL... the MK seems to be the park that offers the least.. While a visit to WDW would be enjoyable if you spend your 4 days exploring the other parks (especially DAK), I can't still bring myself to recommend WDW as it is today. Many concider it to be the best because "it's such a big place, and there is so much to do, etc"; but me? I tend to believe that bigger isn't necesary being better, so I have to say to you that if you can afford Japan.... GO FOR IT! You only need 2-3 days to do TDR and have extra time to discover what other wonders Japan has to offer.


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      Hmm, well that's quite the answer.

      I guess what it'll come down to is several factors. Number one is weather. What's it like over there? I've heard that typhoon season is a pretty regular event in Japan. Is that event long?

      The other issue is the language barrier. I know the younger generation of Japanese are taught a good amount of English and that CMs are probably trained to know even more than that to handle Guest requests, but the attraction videos I've seen basically imply that the majority of attraction audio is spoken in Japanese, but some things like monorail announcements are in Japanese and English.

      How much does this hurt the experience of the attraction? I guess stuff like the Haunted Mansion doesn't hurt since I've been on a US one, but does it hurt the mood? Is it still a good time or just more of a "Wow, they sure don't keep this stuff looking this good back home" sort of a thing? DisneySea attractions might be an even bigger stumbling block in that regard since I don't have a US version handy to use as a reference (shame, huh? )


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        How do you say "Grim grinnin' ghosts come out to socialize..." in Japanese?


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          I think for me I would choose TDR since the quality of entertainment there is far more better than over here. I have not been there but from the articles that I have read and pictures that I saw they really make your moneys worth in visiting the park. I really like how they dress up the characters in different costumes which I think is cute breaking from the usual character outfit that they have. I just wish they could do that here in the states so you wouldn't see the character with the same traditional outfit that they usually have. I mean I know they change the outfits of Mickey and other characters in DCA but when I came back a year after they are still wearing the same outfits. Man I really can't wait to go to Japan and go to TDR. I have been saving up for a trip there.


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            Vote for TDR

            Well, for me it's TDS that puts it over the top.

            Completely unique.

            Also English up to High School has been standard in their curriculum for over
            a generation, so most japanese speak english a little bit. (and most read & write
            enough to converse).

            Of course, I speak japanese, so it's definitely easier for me.


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              3 days? Go to TDR, it's probably a once in a lifetime opportunity, WDW will see better days, right now TDR is the best place to go.

              Although i have to say you HAVE to go to DL this year because of the new fireworks show


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                WDW for me, but that is probably because I am a WDWite. The only way you will get me to quit going to WDW is to pry my dead, decaying hand and fingers off of a Doom Buggie at the Haunted Mansion. But thats just me, do as you will!
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                  I'm also WDWite, and I have to admit I die a little bit whenever I hear people compare WDW and DL and always see WDW lose in those arguments (especially now that them DL people are bragging about their new fireworks show being better than RoE)

                  but logically, for a once in a lifetime 3 days? Go to Tokyo Disney Resort, i hear it's basically the best of all the Disney resorts (yes I feel it's even beter than DLR) plus you get to visit a foreign country. I've heard one visitor claim that their Disneyland is like the "greatest hits" when it comes to the rides since all the classics are there and the best dark ride ever built: Pooh's Hunny Hunt. and Tokyo DisneySea is acclaimed as the Best theme park in the world.


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                    Originally posted by nish221
                    Also English up to High School has been standard in their curriculum for over
                    a generation, so most japanese speak english a little bit. (and most read & write
                    enough to converse).
                    Oh, I know that. I just also know that most attractions are in Japanese with little to no English support. Not a problem with something like the Haunted Mansion, but might have presented a problem on the attractions not in the other parks.

                    If I went to WDW, I could probably afford more than 3 days. Japan is more expensive that I couldn't afford to stay there long.

                    I've been somewhat interested in Japan for it's historic culture which was part of the reason I considered it, I could go for TDR and stick my nose out of the park grounds to see to the cultural stuff, although I realize that TDS is smack-dab in the modern parts of Japan and the old cities and stuff is way out there.

                    On the other hand, I'm also a Disney diehard and for decades have always heard (until recently) WDW being trumped up as THE Kingdom of the Kingdoms.

                    We'll see what happens. Certainly TDR has a nose ahead right now since WDW's most spectacular attractions are mostly thrill rides that don't interest me since I don't enjoy being dropped down a shaft or flung around in a roller coaster.


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                      don't worry about the whole hustle and bustle of Tokyo, it's sooo different that you really feel like you're in a foreign country with a very unique metropolitan culture that is ahead of America and Historic culture is just a train away.

                      It seems you're the type who loves the shows/parades more than the rides, then Tokyo is definately the park for you, except for Fantasmic!, TDR has the best shows and events ever created for any Disney parks, you'll feel like the Disney Theme Park world is back in its glory days.

                      By the way, TDS alone is worth the trip.


                      • #12
                        Another thing.....the food quality is TONS better then in Florida AND cheaper. So for the money you spend on airfare/lodging, it's made up for from the fact that you save on food and souviners. In addition to the food being more reasonable then the american parks, the US dollar is currently stronger then the yen, so you get even more of a discount.


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                          Originally posted by kayoss
                          Another thing.....the food quality is TONS better then in Florida AND cheaper. So for the money you spend on airfare/lodging, it's made up for from the fact that you save on food and souviners. In addition to the food being more reasonable then the american parks, the US dollar is currently stronger then the yen, so you get even more of a discount.

                          When was your last trip there Kayoss?


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                            Spring, 2004.


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                              although the food servings are reduced to fit the Asian lifestyle, Asians eat less than Americans, why do you think we're the fattest country in the world?


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