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  • [Question] Hotel and Prices

    Is there ever a time at one of the Tokyo Disney hotels that they cost 300 dollars or less? My mom has promised to take me if I can find a room at one of the Disney hotels for 300 dollars or less so I'm very curious. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Re: Hotel and Prices

    Are you looking for the official hotels? Or the affiliated ones? I've stayed at the Sheraton and the Hilton for less than $300/night, but I have no experience with the Ambassador/DH/Miracosta hotels.


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      Re: Hotel and Prices

      I haven't seen a price under $300 at any of the three Disney hotels for years. There was a time in 2000, just after the Disney Ambassador hotel opened, when the lowest rates were $270 or so, but I think that's ancient history now. Your best price will probably be 35,000 yen (which you must convert into dollars).

      The hotels operate at near full capacity at all times: they have no incentive to charge less, only more.

      You can stay at the Hilton Tokyo Bay, one of the official hotels and which is on the monorail line, for about $160 a night if you check carefully. Many of us have stayed there. It's a beautiful hotel, with great staff, and you're right on the park.
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