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TDS' "Rhythms of the World 2005" photos!!!


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  • TDS' "Rhythms of the World 2005" photos!!!

    I would like to invite you all to enjoy my personal collection of photos from TDS' debut performance of this year's winter special event "Rhythms of the World 2005" a most enjoyable musical show that melts several musical styles from around the World into one huge colorful romp. Questions and comments are always welcomed so don't be shy... Enjoy.

    ....And while you are there, check out my park tour photos (on another album) taken during my evening visit to TDR this past Valentine's day, feat. a bit of everything I did at the resort that evening.

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    Cool pics! Would you happen to know how long "Rythems of the World 2005" will be showing?

    I will be visiting TDR in November this year. Can't WAIT!


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      "Rhythms of the World" started on Feb 1st, and will end in May 9th, 2005. For November, TDL will have "Christmas Fantasy" and TDS will have "Harborside Christmas" events beginning on Nov 7th thru Dec 25th, 2005.


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        Thanks for the great photo update, as always, TDLFAN! It's great to live vicariously through photos.


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          Will see the show end of this month. Is there a lottery to get seats like the castle shows at TDL?


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            No lottery for Rhythms, but do show up no later than one hour before showtime if you want a decent seat. Only TDL castle shows have a lotto system. Other shows, such as Minnie O Minnie and One Man's Dream 2 do have preffered seating tickets that are given on a first come, first serve.


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              this would look great at EPCOT...I hope it gets exported....Tokyo just looooves their shows, that's why they get all the great ones.


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