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Japan and TDR Trip Planning


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  • [Question] Japan and TDR Trip Planning

    Hello everyone.

    I am in the planning stages for my third trip to Japan and of course a 3 night stay at TDR!

    I've already been to Tokyo twice and have never been to Kyoto, so I'd like to go there. My original thought was to stay three nights in Tokyo, one in Kyoto before going to TDR.

    Now, I am thinking we should only stay two nights in Tokyo and two nights in Kyoto to see more there. I'd like to see the Imperial Palace in Kyoto and have read that they are closed on Saturdays and Sundays, so going there on a Friday would allow me to see that. Any suggestions?

    Also, since we will be there for seven nights and eight days, I was thinking of getting the Japan Rail pass. I have to do the numbers to see how that works out. Any suggestions on that?


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    Re: Japan and TDR Trip Planning

    It is difficult to imagine the JR Pass not being a wise investment for anyone visiting from overseas, especially if you're doing multiple cities.

    In Kyoto, I definitely recommend at least two days. You should not leave without visiting the zen stone garden at Ryoanji, the Fushimi Inari Taisha Shinto shrine, and the mini Tezuka/Astro Boy museum just inside Kyoto Station. Also, renting bikes and just riding around soaking up the gorgeous architecture and atmosphere, if you have time and bike riding is feasible, is an experience I highly encourage. You'll love Kyoto; everyone does.


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      Re: Japan and TDR Trip Planning

      If you are staying in Tokyo for the entire time, or just traveling around just outside of Tokyo (e.g. Nikko, Kamakura, etc), the rail pass might not be the best idea.

      My rule of thumb on the 7-day rail pass is any travel from Tokyo round trip to Nagoya or beyond makes the rail pass worth it. This also assumes you use the rail pass for the N'EX ride into Tokyo from Narita. If your stay is beyond 7 days and want to ride the N'EX back to Narita, you would need to either buy a 14-day pass or buy a separate N'EX return ticket. Since the 14-day pass is slightly more thay 50% more cost than the 7-day, I don't think it would be cost effective for you.

      I haven't run the exact numbers recently, but since you would be going all the way to Kyoto and back, the rail pass decision is a slam dunk.
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        Re: Japan and TDR Trip Planning

        The rail pass will be a good option for you as Roger has stated. We bought a railpass when we went four years ago and used it for the round trip to Kyoto and for the NEX on the way home only and it more than paid for itself.

        We really loved Kyoto and I'd recommend spending more time there
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          Re: Japan and TDR Trip Planning

          I have to start looking into traveling more in Japan- I wind up spending most of my trip at the parks- not that that is a bad thing, but I should get out and see more- I've been to Mount Fuji & Hakone- so I do recommend those for anyone who hasn't been there.

          I too, have never been to Kyoto & hope to get there someday- so let me know how you like it upon your return.

          I've been on the day tour to Nikko & Kegon Waterfall which was a pretty good tour as well- but basically the tours I've taken all leave from Tokyo thru sunrise tours & don't involve the rail lines at all- but whatever you do, have a great time.


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            Re: Japan and TDR Trip Planning

            For collector geeks with lots of disposable income, Tenshi no Sato (Angel's Home or Home of Angels) is a good place to pick up a one-of-a-kind Japanese SuperDollfie art doll. Kyoto is the home base and there are services and customizations you can only get there. Like Disney fans need more things to collect!^^


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              Re: Japan and TDR Trip Planning

              Tokyo or Kyoto in 2 days each is very tough, but doable. You just have to be focused and plan out what you want to see in advance. Also, when are you going? When you go will dictate what you will want to do in some cases. Also, remember, it's very safe there, so you can walk around, virtually anywhere/anytime, and feel 100% safe. JR Rail pass is recommended, but know that it only covers JR lines. It doesn't cover Tokyo Metro Subway or the Subway system in Kyoto, but you can easily get around on JR lines. In Kyoto, go to the travel info office on the 2nd floor of Kyoto station and get a transportation pass that covers buses and subways. Buses in Kyoto can get very crowded.

              5 Recommended places in Kyoto... NOTE: most temples close at 6pm.
              Kiyomizu-dera - cool temple with "healing waters"
              Sanjusangendo - 1000 kannon statues in a hall (you must go here)
              Kinkakuji - golden pavilion
              Nijo-jyo - castle
              Gion Komori - Japanese sweets restaurant in the Gion area - only go if you are familiar with Japanese sweets and like it.

              Imperial Palace in Kyoto is kind of boring.

              5 Recommended places in Tokyo - Tokyo, for me, is all about SHOPPING!
              Asakusa - lively temple and shopping area
              Harajuku - Youth culture scene, Take****a-dori & Kiddieland
              Shibuya - Shibuya crossing & the amazing shopping - 3 story Disney Store
              Ginza - amazing food, amazing upscale shopping
              American Fast Food - order something you can't get here.

              Tokyo Tower is lame, don't do it, just admire from afar.
              Roppongi Hills is lame too.


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