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About how much does it cost? When should I go?


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    Re: About how much does it cost? When should I go?

    Originally posted by DisneySeaFan
    Hakone is a great place but that's rather far from the resort. I was thinking maybe he should stroll through Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya, etc. Do some shopping, mueseums, Senso-ji temple, Meiji Shrine and whatnot. If you do want to go on a longer trip like Hakone, your time is better spent at Kamakura.
    Check this more specific link.
    Ah, but part of the Hakone experience is the thrill of getting there--first the bullet train, then that switchback train, then the incline, then the cable car, then the stop at the bubbling sulfer spring area, then the little cable car, and finally the best ride of all: the PIRATE SHIP! Heck, when we went it was too hazy to even see the mountain and we had a great time. We even caught a tiny matsuri while we were there.