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New Multi-Day Passport Credit Option


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  • News New Multi-Day Passport Credit Option

    Maybe this has already been discussed. If so, sorry for bringing it up.

    On my recent visit to TDR, I learned that it is now possible to get credit for unused days on a multi-day passport.

    I'm not sure if this only applies to unused park-hopping days (days 3-4), or if it also applies for the first two "assigned" days.

    Unused days can be redeemed anytime for up to one year after purchanse. You will receive credit for any unused day(s), and for a handling fee of 200 yen per unused day redeemed, you can either exchange it for a one-day/one-park passport or get credit towards a new multi-day passport. Applied credit value is 5000 yen per day.

    I was told TDR is trying to accomodate the situation where a Guests come down with something like a cold, or the weather makes use of the passport on certain days a waste.

    By charging a 200 yen per day handling fee, and only allowing exchanges for one-park passes (unless you are starting a whole new multi-day passport sequence), I think OLC is trying to discourage the program from turning into unused ticket brokering opportunity.

    For example, if you buy a 4-day passport for 15,000 yen and don't use the last two park hopping days, you can exchange the unused parkhopping days for two one-day/one-park passports for 200 yen/day or 400 yen. So you have basically paid 15,400 for four "assigned" day passports. If you were to just buy 4 one-day passports, that would be 5,800x4 or 23,200 yen. If you were to buy two 2-day passports, that would be 10,000x2 or 20,000 yen.

    If you chose to apply the credt towards a new 4-day passport, you would get 10,000 yen credit towards a new 15,000 yen passport, plus pay 400 yen handling. In this case you would have paid in total, the original 15,000 plus 5,000 balance for your new 4-day passport, plus the 400 yen handlign fee. That adds up to 20,400 yen for 4 "assigned" days and two parkhopping days. Again, this is still a lot less than if one-day or two-day passports were purchased separately for an equvalen 6 days.

    You still get some savings for buying multiple days, but the amount of savings isn't significan't enough where it could be easily exploited to make a significant amount of money if someone were to try to make it into a profit making opportunity.

    I appreciate that OLC is trying to do something to accomodate those situations where multi-day passport days go unused. And I'm sure it doesn't hurt the bottom line to have the Guests come back and spend more money in the parks.

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    Re: New Multi-Day Passport Credit Option

    The policy you have described above has been in place for a few years now. This is not something new. It only applies to tickets that were purchased dated. If you do not visit on the day shown on yoour passport, you do have a window of time before the ticket expires and yes, you do have to pay a penalty fee if the ticket is used on a different date. Also, I believe this policy applies to 1, 2, 3 and 4-day passports. This policy do not apply to vouchers or "open date" tickets since they can be used at any time, as long as the parks do not reach capacity.


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      Re: New Multi-Day Passport Credit Option

      Thanks. This was the first time I noticed it. It was also the first time in 10 years I have personally purchased my own ticket. That could explain why I was never made aware of this "new" policy.


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        Re: New Multi-Day Passport Credit Option

        Good to know!
        Born in a shoebox and making the most of it.


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