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TDR Summer 2010 Update Report


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  • [Pictures] TDR Summer 2010 Update Report

    TDLFAN was at Tokyo Disney Resort on July 27th, to check out the "Summer Splash 2010" event and check out the new entertainment. This is what's going on at TDL as the summer season gets underway..

    The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel welcomes guests as they arrive at Tokyo Disneyland's main entrance..

    The BinLadden check points.

    Colorful flowers are a nice touch at TDL's entrance.

    Tokyo Disneyland!

    Those lovely TDL gardens in full bloom.

    World Bazaar.

    World Bazaar vending CMs are sporting a brand new costume. Gone are the 1970's yellow WDW costumes.

    Thw four corners of World Bazaar... EAST.



    And.. SOUTH!


    World Bazaar Plaza.

    Captain EO has opened at TDL.. and offers Fastpass service.

    A cool spot in Tomorrowland.

    Business as usual at Hunny Hunt, which posted a 60 minutes stand by wait at 6pm.

    Guests in the Hunny Hunt stand by queue are enjoying a cool mist emanating from the trees to keep the them cool during the hot summer months.

    Pinocchio's Daring Journey is undergoing refurbishment.


    Alice's Tea Cups.

    The Queen of Hearts' banquet Hall's outside refurbishing is complete and the building looks great and colorful

    A cool spot at Queen of Hearts'..

    New statues were added around Queen of Hearts' Banquet Hall.

    TDLFAN is nnot happy about this.. Vending machines, no matter how themed they are, have NO business being at Disney parks. Shame OLC!

    Another new garden prop at Banquet Hall.

    IASW and QOHBH co-exist.

    The Philharmagic redo continues...

    New signs have been added to the construction wall at Philharmagic.. to make this movie look better than what it really is?

    Lovely Castle back court area. Why can't the MK's be this nice?

    Baby Mine shop refurbishing continues..

    Castle backside's refurbishing continues...

    MORE PHOTOS coming in a few moments... and bring your credit card as we are going shopping.
    Last edited by TDLFAN; 07-27-2010, 10:10 PM.

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    Re: TDR Summer 2010 Update Report

    Hey TDLfan great pics and comments as always. I love how the security gates are permanent. The new details in fantasyland surrounding queen of hearts are amazing, i like the plussing they have done here. I also thank you for picturing the world bazaar area. The way its designed really helps to prevent major bottleneck crowding. I wish Disneyland resort could take a page from this since it gets so crazy around firework time. Thanks again. Your photo reports tempt me to plan another trip to TDR again soon!


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      Re: TDR Summer 2010 Update Report

      Love Snow White Grotto at TDL.

      Meanwhile... over in Westernland.. they still have TWO real sit down shows at the Diamond Horseshoe Revue... Shame WDW/DLR/DLP

      The Country Bears are playing their Summer Hoedown show.. Shame WDW.

      Big Thunder Mountain.

      The Elias Hotel is the 4th Disney operated hotel at TDR.. but no one has ever stayed there.
      TRIVIA: Name the 3rd HKDLR hotel where guests have never stayed at.

      Exclusive Westernland gear.

      The Mark Twain sails by..

      The Colorado locomotive swings around Big Thunder Mountain.

      The *best* Splash Mountain on Earth.

      Over in Adventureland... The Tiki Room sits majestically in the far corner of the land.

      SHAME OLC and WDC. TDLFAN detests seeing DVC kiosks in the Tokyo parks, no matter how themed they are. I would prefer this counter went back to catering to the Funderful fans.

      TDLFAN loves the tropical feel of the Jungle Cruise's port.

      "Minnie O' Minnie" plays to packed house at Theatre Orleans.

      A TDLFAN favorite eatery spot, the 20,000 Leaks and China Voyager.

      This is not New Orleans Square at DL.

      Cafe Orleans offers the best Crepes in the land.

      Adventureland, Orleans style.

      The 3rd best POTC on Earh.

      The All-American Waffle House, offering the best waffles on the land.

      The "other" TDL canopy..

      Dusk at the hub as guests gather for tonight's performance of "Midsummer Night's Panic".

      "Midsummer Night's Panic" starts with lasers and smoke effects, as neon Tikis, flowers and performers take the stage. TDLFAN loved the castle projections and colorful use of lighting throughout the show. Not to mention, the light-up Tiki props on the stage alone would sink the budget at WDW.

      the Castle gets dressed in Lilo colors.

      Water blasts from *everywhere* as the show reaches it's climatic and frenetic end. Guests will get soaked to the bone here, so be prepared if you win lotto tickets and get seats in the seating central viewing area.

      Let's go shopping now. Mickey and Minnie Summer Splash plushes.

      "Midsummer Night's Panic" plushes.

      Summer Splash tee. note the TDR logo on sleeve, since this is a resort-wide event, including TDS.

      BonFire Dance tee shirt from TDS.

      BonFire plushes are super cute.

      This new chocolate box caught TDLFAN's attention.

      "Midsummer Night's Panic" Tee. Note the TDL name on the sleeve.

      Souvenir desert peach cake and mousse, with cup and saucer.

      delicious seasonal fruit dessert.

      TDLFAN's favorite summer item: the Towel poncho with head cover, it will come very handy after seeing the "Cool the Heat" and "Midsummer Night's Panic" shows..

      And that concludes the Summer TDL report for now. Thanks.
      Last edited by TDLFAN; 07-27-2010, 10:50 PM.


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        Re: TDR Summer 2010 Update Report

        I love all the Merchandise!
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          Re: TDR Summer 2010 Update Report

          Love the pics! Thanks so much!


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            Re: TDR Summer 2010 Update Report

            Great pics!

            The 3rd hotel at HKDL is HOTEL MARCELINE in the right hand side street isnt it?


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              Re: TDR Summer 2010 Update Report

              Uh oh... Not one, but two photos displaying dislike from TDLFAN? OLC is slipping up. I don't think I've ever seen that many from you before, at least not recently.

              Love the Bon Fire Mickey Plushies, but it's a shame none of the videos from this year's production will load properly on my end.
              WARNING: Any opinions expressed by this user are wrong.


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                Re: TDR Summer 2010 Update Report

                Wonderful photos and TR! Thanks for the memories.


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                  Re: TDR Summer 2010 Update Report

                  Thanks for the quick, but thorough picture report. I love the merchandise, as usual. At least they offer T-shirts for the seasonal shows. That seems to be the only way to get resort themed shirts these days. Even the "Western" shirts didn't actually have anything specific to TDL on them. That towel poncho is great, I love that.

                  Not sure how I feel about vending machines. I guess since it's Japan and they are ubiquitous everywhere else, I don't mind as much. Here in the US, vending machines are only in places where there's no food, and they are usually cheap, unhealthy snacks or drinks.


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                    Re: TDR Summer 2010 Update Report

                    Great report- I'm not too thrilled about their summer promotions lately- The Stitch show looks great, but I still just don't get all the Cool the Heat and Chip & Dale's cool service stuff. I don't care how hot it is- I still don't want to be blasted with water.

                    I prefer the other events they have througout the year as opposed to the summer ones-they do a great job of all their other events and promotions- but somehow the summer ones seem to be lacking something.

                    But thanks again for all the photos and keeping us updated on this wonderful park throughout the year- I just got my Disney Fan yesterday & it has some photo's- but this issue didn't seem as thorough as it usually is.


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                      Re: TDR Summer 2010 Update Report

                      Jedi, which Disney fan did you get, #222 or the special summer issue #221?
                      And I too agree with you. I dislike getting wet but the summer shows are very popular with the younger crowd and that is why they have lasted all this time. I too amd ready for brand new entertainment for the summer season.


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                        Re: TDR Summer 2010 Update Report

                        Originally posted by HKDLFAN View Post
                        Great pics!

                        The 3rd hotel at HKDL is HOTEL MARCELINE in the right hand side street isnt it?
                        CORRECT! I figured you of all people would know that!


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                          Re: TDR Summer 2010 Update Report

                          Originally posted by HKDLFAN View Post
                          Great pics!

                          The 3rd hotel at HKDL is HOTEL MARCELINE in the right hand side street isnt it?
                          CORRECT!!!! I figured you of all people would know that!!!


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                            Re: TDR Summer 2010 Update Report

                            Thanks for sharing your photos with us TDLFan, I love Mickey's costume they are always scream Mo!! to me LOL!!!

                            Oh and how I love Minnie oh Minnie!!!

                            :love:Bringing the Love since January 10, 2011:love:
                            We were sent over there with the message that only we would defend Disney quality.. We learnt quickly that the Japanese culture speaks to a level of quality that is hard to comprehend. They were all unbelievably skilled and willing to do the right thing.
                            Craig Russell -Walt Disney Imagineering


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                              Re: TDR Summer 2010 Update Report

                              I received the regular issue 222- I saw the ad's for 221, The bookshop I order them from gets the special issues from time to time- but didn't have them this time around.

                              I'm going to stop by next week to see if they get it in- they still have copies left of the last special issue which I already have.

                              I also ordered a few copies of the My Tokyo Disney Resort 70, 71, 72 and 73 to bring me up to date- they should arrive next week.


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