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Any info on "Magical Moments"??


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  • Any info on "Magical Moments"??

    Hello everyone! I'm just looking for some information about this song that I d/led a long time ago but never found out what it was actually for. I KNOW it's from Tokyo Disneyland because it's in the title of the mp3. I just don't know if it was a parade or a fireworks show and what it was really all about. I just love the music, the arrangement, and the JAPANESE of course! hehe. So if anyone has any information, please let me know.

    Here are the lyrics in the beginning of the song (the best that I can hear):

    Celebrate the magic of Disney
    Just wish upon a star that shines above
    Into the world of Make Believe
    Celebrate the magic of love

    Celebrate the magic of Disney
    And happiness is found around the bend
    For all your dreams and fantasies
    Magically will never end

    Magical Moments
    That's what Disney is all about
    Magical Moments
    That bring a laugh, a tear or smile
    And feel the beauty in the magic
    Be it physical or tragic
    And the moments come to life right from the start
    Then the magic you remember lasts forever in your heart

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    I can't recognize it by just lyrics. I would have to hear a sample of it.


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      Um.. I guess I'll try to upload it somewhere?
      But, there's a Jiminy Cricket sounding man speaking in Japanese in the middle of the whole song - I think it's Jiminy Cricket because he says "Pinocchio" somewhere.


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        I'll take a wild stab at this although I'm sure I'll be corrected soon. Could it possibly be the opening music to TDL's 15th Anniversary stage show "Viva! Magic"? I think there is a track titled "Magical Moments" on the 15th Anniversary #3 CD. If I remember correctly, "When You Wish Upon a Star" is also featured in the program.


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          will you upload it pleeeeaaase??


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            Yeah! There's a small segment of instrumental music of "When You Wish Upon a Star." But it's very short, nothing long. Just when the Jiminy Cricket (or Gepetto) person starts speaking in Japanese.

            And i'm trying to find a place to upload my mp3 to...
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              Well... I've been trying to search EVERYONE on the web and still NO luck on ANYTHING called "Magical Moments" at Tokyo Disneyland. How can there not be ANYTHING?... I'm still trying to find a place to upload my mp3 to. If anyone has any idea where I can do that, please let me know.


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                Have you tried posting your question on this forum??


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                  By the way, I want to thank you guys for helping out. This song was featured in the Viva Magic Christmas Celebration CD. I believe the person told me that it was a Parade? wow.. i already forgot. But nice to know what it was actually a part of. THANKS again!


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                    Well, since you mentioned the cd where this song is featured.. I just listened to it. I do not believe this song is from a TDL parade at all. If memory serves me well, this was a song featured in promotional 15th aniversary traveling tours around Japan and used on stage as part of a show but not a parade.


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