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Stitch! anime - Tokyo Disneyland Episode


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  • Video Stitch! anime - Tokyo Disneyland Episode

    While I'm waiting for Austraila to get season 2 of the Stitch! anime dubbed and airred so all those YouTube Aussies can upload them, I was going through a few of the upcoming episodes when I saw one titled "Stitch goes to Tokyo Disneyland!"

    I thought I'd check it out, and I'm actually surprised at what I saw. It looks like a 30 minute meta-episode promoting the Find Stitch event from several years back! Check it out!

    Oh, before I forget, a few notes for those that have never seen the Stitch! anime...
    Stitch went on a galatic terror spree as part of a hissy fit over Lilo, now a young adult, spending too much time away from Stitch. Jumba captured him, but the two were sucked into a black hole that sent them several months into the future AND into different parts of the galaxy. Stitch ended up crash landing on the island featured in the original Karate Kid, and met Yuna, a local girl with similar qualities to Lilo. He also discovers a magic stone on that island that will give anyone any wish they want if they perform enough good deeds (hence that yellow watch you'll see in the episode).
    I don't know how or even why Hamstervile has some of Stitch's cousins on his side, but then again, I have been waiting on Disney's official dub explaining it.

    Part 1 - YouTube - Stitch! ~Itazura Alien no Daibouken~ - 26 - Stitch goes to Tokyo Disneyland! (1/2)

    Part 2 - YouTube - Stitch! ~Itazura Alien no Daibouken~ - 26 - Stitch goes to Tokyo Disneyland! (2/2)

    Some things to take note of...

    Check out where Stitch's rocket crash lands...

    And clearly TDR prides themselves on how quickly they can clean up after Stitch when he makes a mess.

    Just thought I'd share...
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    Re: Stitch! anime - Tokyo Disneyland Episode

    It originally aired last summer. And here is the MiceChat thread that was created at the time:
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      Re: Stitch! anime - Tokyo Disneyland Episode

      Minor note...

      In Season 3 of Stitch!, Episode 23, Lilo makes an appearance w/ her daughter and gives an explanation of what happened. IMHO, they did a nice job of making an older Lilo. Her daughter looks almost identical to the child Lilo. :-)

      Basically, they made a promise to meet in Hawaii at a certain time-date, but Lilo couldn't make it because Nani was giving birth just at that time. (sorry, no subtitles).


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