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Mickey & Duffy's Spring Voyage TDS Event 4/3~6/30 2012


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  • News Mickey & Duffy's Spring Voyage TDS Event 4/3~6/30 2012

    STORY of Spring Voyage

    Prologue I.

    Minnie Mouse
    "Across the ocean, I wonder how they celebrate the coming of spring?"

    Duffy happened to hear Minnie and ShellieMay chatting,
    and headed right over to Mickey's place.

    Prologue II.

    "I'd like to show Minnie and ShellieMay what spring is like around the world..."

    Mickey Mouse
    "Well then, let's all take a Spring Voyage together!"

    "Yay! I'll go tell them!"



    1. Lido Isle Welcome to Spring

    Performed twice daily at Lido Isle, this Mediterranean Harbor show will last about 20 minutes. The theme is "Italian spring."

    A lively festival unfolds as Mickey Mouse and Duffy invite Minnie and ShellieMay to join them in celebrating the budding romance of young love.

    Goofy, Chip and Dale start the festivities, dancing in step to the rhythm of clapping guests. Several young couples announce a new dance to repay the audience for its lively participation. Mickey and Minnie, Duffy and Shellie arrive by barge, raising the spirits of the festival even higher!

    One guy is too shy to approach the girl he likes, so Mickey and Duffy and all their friends encourage him. Will he be able to take her hand? Guests will clap and encourage him, too. With Minnie and ShellieMay cheering them on as well, surely this young man will find the courage he needs and the couple will find their groove to happiness!

    At last, our Cute Quattro will reboard their vessel and sail off for their next faraway destination...

    2. Easter in New York

    Performed two or three times daily at Waterfront Park, this American Waterfront show will last about 25 minutes. The theme is "Easter Bonnets."

    New York is bustling with people celebrating the arrival of Easter. Mickey Mouse and Duffy are on hand for the festivities and bring along Minnie and ShellieMay to celebrate in the streets of the Big Apple.

    The four furry friends will arrive at Waterfront Park in Big City Vehicles decked out with beautiful flowers for the big event, and the show will feature live music!

    In the shopping district, Clarice dons a stylish Easter ensemble, topped off with a chic bonnet of course, as she lets Chip and Dale fight over who gets to buy her more things or carry her bags!

    Downtown, Goofy and Max sport cool easter bonnets??? as they demonstrate fancy footwork with a little hip-hop street dance show. Mickey, Duffy and the gang can't resist joining in the excitement.

    And the diva of Broadway herself, Daisy Duck, steps out in her own gorgeous bonnet to perform a show-stopping musical number. Ms. Duck is, of course, backed by her delightful dancing showgirls, the "Duckettes!" ("Duckettes" is my original, but I :love: it, so there it is^^)

    For the grand finale, everyone gets together to join the guests in celebrating the fabulously stylish glamour of New York in spring!

    3. Springtime Surprise

    Performed two or three times a day in the Arabian Coast Courtyard, this show will last about 25 minutes. The theme is "Festival of Magic."

    Mickey Mouse and Duffy, along with Minnie and ShellieMay, are invited by Shaban and Asim to a wonderful Arabian magic show. When things go wrong, the Genie appears to magically weave color and life into the arid desert which usually doesn't have a vibrant spring.

    The show begins with Asim, Shaban and other magicians performing magic tricks to entertain the audience. Asim invites guests to get involved with the magic show and suddenly Mickey and Duffy, Minnie and ShellieMay all appear on stage! Mickey wishes to show Minnie the magic of spring, so all the magicians begin competing to do their best to impress her with magic themed to the Rites of Spring.

    Shaban, of course, gets carried away with the magical battle, and suddenly Genie appears out of nowhere to break this up before things get out of hand.

    Genie, along with Mickey and Duffy and guests, then recites some magical words in order to make flowers of all shapes and sizes bloom right on the stage!

    Thanks to Genie's magic, Arabia is filled with unique magical flowers for a fantastic springtime. For the finale, everyone celebrates by dancing around Minnie Mouse, whose gentle wish has come true!


    The three themed ports visited by Mickey Mouse and Duffy are vividly adorned with colorful flowers and lush greenery to celebrate the spectacular splendor of spring!

    In the Mediterranean Harbor, charming European streets burst to life with gorgeous artistic flair. Easter bonnets pop up all over American Waterfront for New York's fashionable Easter pageantry. On the Arabian Coast, magical flowers with a Genie-motif bloom everywhere, wafting their springtime spell all through the air.

    Also, a very special little Duffy which Minnie made out of spring flowers appears in all three ports to brightly display the colors of Tokyo DisneySEA!


    Travel Pal (Duffy) ¥2400
    Travel Pal (Shellie) ¥2400
    Scope ¥1500
    Spring Voyage Log ¥1200
    Souvenir Medal Collection Book ¥1300
    Tote Bag ¥2900
    SV 12" SS Plush (Duffy) ¥3800*
    SV 12" SS Plush (Shellie) ¥3800*
    Stand Clip (Mickey/Duffy) ¥2800 ...this item appears to be flocked. Also fits with Ring Pillow.
    Ring Pillow (Minnie/Shellie) ¥2800 ...this item appears to be flocked. Also fits with Stand Clip.
    SV Plush Mickey ¥3900
    SV Plush Minnie ¥3900
    Ponytail Holder (Duffy) ¥1500
    Ponytail Holder (Shellie) ¥1500
    Coin Case ¥1700
    Bead Strap (Duffy) ¥1200
    Bead Strap (Shellie) ¥1200
    Cookie Tin ¥1200

    *These smaller size 12" SS bears come pre-dressed in Spring Voyage attire and are NOT compatible with standard Duffy costumes.


    SV Costume (Duffy) ¥3900
    SV Costume (Shellie) ¥3900
    SV Duffel Bag (Duffy) ¥3200
    SV Badge (Duffy) ¥1500
    SV Badge (Shellie) ¥1500
    SV T-shirt (LADIES' S, M, L, LL) ¥3600
    SV Leisure Sheet with Bag ¥700
    SV Lunch Case Set ¥1400
    SV Fork in Case ¥700


    Attachment Base Ring - LARGE (Duffy) ¥1500
    Attachment Base Ring - LARGE (Shellie) ¥1500
    Attachment Base Ring - small (Mickey) ¥1200
    Attachment Base Ring - small (Minnie) ¥1200
    Attachment Base Ring - small (Duffy) ¥1200
    Attachment Base Ring - small (Shellie) ¥1200

    Alphabet Parts ¥150 each

    Charm ¥300 each:

    1. Duffy
    2. ShellieMay
    3. Clover
    4. Trunk
    5. Basket
    6. Flower
    7. Paw
    8. Seagull
    9. Floatation Ring
    10. Anchor

    Bag Chain ¥500
    Keyring ¥300
    Strap ¥200
    Neckstrap ¥500

    HERE's how it all works. The great thing is that you could swap these out and add even more charms in the future! And you can get all the charms you might want to spell whatever you want and swap them out later! I :love: this!^^

    FOOD GOODS (LINK to most)

    Cape Cod SV Souvenir Tray ¥2200 with meal
    SV Souvenir Cup ¥600
    SV Souvenir Plate ¥600
    SV Popcorn Bucket ¥2000
    SV Crispy Rice Puff Bucket ¥2300
    SV Bottle Keeper (Mickey/Duffy) ¥600
    SV Bottle Keeper (Minnie/Shellie) ¥600
    SV Lunch Case ¥1850 with meal


    Cape Cod Cook-Off, Zambini Brothers' Ristorante and Casbah Food Court will all feature special menu items for the event. In addition to the foods themselves, Cape Cod Cook-Off will offer a colorful souvenir tray featuring Mickey Mouse and Duffy and their friends. A vivid menu is being planned to unite the sumptuous arrival of spring with a fantastic voyage sampling scrumptious tastes from all around the world.

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    Re: Mickey & Duffy's Spring Voyage TDS Event 4/3~6/30 2012

    Thanks for the help in translation DuffyD. The items are so cute. OLC did an amazing job once again.
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      Re: Mickey & Duffy's Spring Voyage TDS Event 4/3~6/30 2012

      Spring Programs are my favorite at TDR!

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      We were sent over there with the message that only we would defend Disney quality.. We learnt quickly that the Japanese culture speaks to a level of quality that is hard to comprehend. They were all unbelievably skilled and willing to do the right thing.
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        Re: Mickey & Duffy's Spring Voyage TDS Event 4/3~6/30 2012

        Excellent jog, DuffyDaisuki, thanks so much for putting all that into English!

        Do you have time to do the same for the Easter Wonderland stuff?
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          Re: Mickey & Duffy's Spring Voyage TDS Event 4/3~6/30 2012

          The stage(s) in American Waterfront park are really tiny, so not really a stage show, more of a greeting it looks like. Lido seems like it will be the "good" show, then American Waterfront, the Arabian Coast in order of how much to expect. For sneak day we will check out Arabian Coast since it's the stage that's hardest to get to. I'm going to stay optimistic but go in with lower expectations.

          Edit: Maybe they will add a full stage in American Waterfront? I just don't see the description matching the space they have set up now.
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            Re: Mickey & Duffy's Spring Voyage TDS Event 4/3~6/30 2012

            Very happily I have to take back what I said earlier! Spring Voyage is really great! Yes, it is mini shows instead of having one big main show but the mini shows (at least the two I saw) are so well done that it works out quite well. The music is great, the costumes are well designed, the smaller scale feels more intimate. Of course I would love another Mysterious Masquerade or Cinderellabration level show but not every show can be on that level. It was also very smart to space people out to different areas of the park. I'm uploading video of Spring Surprise now and will try to catch Easter in NY again or the Lido show tomorrow before the rain starts. Video is still difficult because of the press and because of the layout of Easter in New York.
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