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A Musical Tour of Tokyo Disney Sea


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  • [Fun] A Musical Tour of Tokyo Disney Sea

    Your Musical Tour of Disney Sea hosted by Prometheus begins as you enter the park, you gaze straight and see the amazing aquasphere...a faint music can be heard

    You enter under the gate, and see the magnificent Fortress Explorations and above it lurks Mt.Prometheus home to Captain Nemo's Laboratory.

    Your First port is Mediterranean Harbor, a little village in Italy, here, guests can experience rides such as Venetian Gondolas, DisneySea Transit Steamer Line and a nice walkthrough, Fortress Explorations

    Each Port has its own theme song, the title of Mediterranean Harbor's is "Port Paradiso"

    Your first experience is Fortress Explorations, a walkthrough adventure filled with magnificent scenery and experiences.

    You then enter AMERICAN WATERFRONT, home of the infamous HOTEL HIGHTOWER which was nick-named TOWER OF TERROR when an incident happened during 1899 where the Hotel Owner, Harrison Hightower III disappeared after showcasing his latest discover(stolen artifact) Shiriki Utundu, he was last seen inside an elevator, which crashed, he was nowhere to be seen, only Shiriki Utundu and Harrison's hat was found. The New York Preservation society opened this presumably cursed Hotel in 1912, where guests can visit this cursed hotel, but beware...anything can happen. Your first experience here is the TOWER OF TERROR...enjoy

    after your visit to the Tower Of Terror take a refresh and listen to the Port Theme of American Waterfront

    PART 2 COMING SOON!!(big band beat, cape cod, port discovery, stormrider and aquatopia)
    Tokyo Disneyland Crew!

    Currently working at:: Journey to the Center of the Earth!

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    Re: A Musical Tour of Tokyo Disney Sea

    Aww...Big thanks for the undescribably amazing tour, Prometheus!

    Can't wait for the next parts. I misses TDS soooo much that I can go on this tour again and again in my head.
    My top favourite theme ports are Porto Paradiso and American Waterfront, though I do love all 7 of them (oh! and not forgetting the AquaSphere plaza as well)

    Really really grateful to know that I'll be coming to TDS again at this year's end
    Every great discovery begins with imagination.
    A courtesy to the S.E.A.


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