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Accident on Raging Spirits 5/28


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  • News Accident on Raging Spirits 5/28

    OLC has issued a press release stating there was an accident on Raging Sprits on 5/28 at 4:05PM.

    Below is my best attempt at a translation of the focus of the press releasee.

    Today at Tokyo DisneySea Attraction, Raging Spirits, an incident tool place where minor injuries were incurred.

    1. Date and Time

    May 28, 4:05 PM

    2. Incident Details

    A Guest received minor injuries when the safety bar rose up at the loading station as the vehicle started to move. The Guest tried to get out and a minor inury was incured.

    Raging Spirits operation is suspended for investigation until further notice.

    We extend our deepest apologies to the Guest and everyone inconvenienced by these actions.

    Here is the press release in Japanese.
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    Re: Accident on Raging Spirits 5/28

    Further details from the Mainichi

    A 34-year-old man sustained a minor injury at Tokyo DisneySea on Monday while trying to get off a roller coaster that took off with his safety bar up, police said Tuesday.
    It was the first time for a customer to be injured on an amusement attraction at Tokyo DisneySea or Disneyland, their operator Oriental Land Co. said.
    The accident occurred on a high-speed roller coaster called ''Raging Spirits'' at around 4 p.m. Monday when the man moved his right leg out of one of two trams linked together and onto the loading zone out of fear when the ride took off without the shoulder bar on his seat properly secured, the police said. He sustained a minor injury when his leg was dragged for about 2 meters on the zone.
    Man injured getting off ride after safety-bar problem at Tokyo DisneySea
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      Re: Accident on Raging Spirits 5/28

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        Re: Accident on Raging Spirits 5/28

        oh no! i hope he's okay

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            Re: Accident on Raging Spirits 5/28

            I am rather curious as to (1) why the shoulder harness came up all of a sudden and (2) why the train was allowed to move with the restraint not locked. I mean, do you pull it back down and hope it doesn't come loose again or do you get out while the train is moving??? scary.


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              Re: Accident on Raging Spirits 5/28

              It sounds like a combination of things. The lap bar shouldn't have gone up, and the man really shouldn't have tried to get off the coaster train. I hope he's ok, and I hope they fix the issue on Raging Spirits so that it doesn't happen again.


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