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Booking Reservations in Advance? Special Restaurants? Show views?


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  • [Question] Booking Reservations in Advance? Special Restaurants? Show views?

    Planning a potential trip to TDL / DisneySea and wanted to obtain advice regarding specialty restaurants (i.e., Blue Bayou) or special seating packages (e.g., Fantasmic desert seating, World of Color seating priority) that I can book reservations to in advance of arrival? or I should try to book when I arrive at the resort. Trip consists of two adults + 1 child under 10.

    I understand that some seating packages can be considered a ripoff in comparison to just putting the time in waiting for a show in advance but I would like to find out the options that are out there (pros and cons) and see if then want to pay the premium. I'm more so looking for the packages that would afford a balance of best view for my child and video filming vantage.

    For restaurants....looking for a nice restaurant that might not be easily accessible without a reservation in advance.

    Would appreciate the four "W"s + How (What, When, Where, Why and HOW (to book)

    Arigato and Thank you.


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    Re: Booking Reservations in Advance? Special Restaurants? Show views?

    Online reservations can only be made on a Japanese-language website. And that's the only way to make reservations for The Diamond Horseshoe and Tahitian Terrace. So if you're not Japanese, you're SOL on those two.

    I believe there is a phone number to call for Blue Bayou and Magellelan's, but not sure what it is. You can usually eat at Blue Bayou by getting on the standbye line at 10:30 am for an 11 am seating. Since you've been at the park from 7:30 on line at the front gates, 11 am is fine for lunch. Magellelan's is so expensive that there is usually a cm with a menu outfront trying to get people in the door.

    I would also highly reccommend the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall, which does not take reservations and is easy to slip into at around 11 am without waiting on line.

    Ristorante di Canneletto in DisneySEA is very good and same-day reservations can be made by going to the podium early in the day.

    There are NO special packages for Fantasmic (there is no World of Color) other than special seats reserved for those who buy a premium Vacation Package of some sort.
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