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Storing luggage at Tokyo Disney Resort


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  • [Question] Storing luggage at Tokyo Disney Resort

    I know this question has come up in the past & I tried searching the forums, but couldn't find what I was looking for. Does anyone know if either the Hilton on Tokyo Bay or even the Welcome center will store luggage for one or two days.

    I was hoping to stay at the Hilton for a week and a half, like I usually do- but going elsewhere for a day or two and returning to the Hilton for the rest of my trip. I would rather just take a light bag, rather than lugging my luggage back and forth on the train. I was hoping to possibly store my luggage, preferably at the Hilton- but don't know if they offer that there.

    Any insights?

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    Re: Storing luggage at Tokyo Disney Resort

    Most all Japanese hotels will store your luggage for you if you are returning back to stay some more. I do this all the time and have yet to find a hotel that won't keep luggage for you.

    I'm positive the Hilton will do that for you for the few days you will be away.

    The exception to the rule would be if you are checking out and not returning to that hotel to stay for at least one more night there.

    Since we are on the subject, it is also possible to have luggage shipped to your next hotel in Japan. The time it will take to arrive and the fee associated with shipping will depend on the distance you want it shipped.

    This comes in handy if you are traveling around Japan and don't want to take everything with you to every hotel you are going to. You can have things you won't be needing shipped directly to the last hotel you are staying at prior to leaving the country.

    You can even ship stuff you might not need right away upon arival, directly from the airport to a hotel of your choice in the later part of your stay.


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      Re: Storing luggage at Tokyo Disney Resort

      The Hilton will store your luggage. We stayed one night at the Hilton when we arrived, left for a week to travel around Japan left our luggage and just took a light bag and then returned back to the Hilton for our Disney trip portion and it was no problem at all.


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